Mike Oborny

“Greatness comes from living with purpose and passion.”

Mike Oborny took his passion turned it into his purpose and through his life and career became his profession. Mike is the President of Texadia Home Technologies, a division of Texadia Holdings. For Mike the journey to supply simplistic audio and video greatness wrapped in a fun technology package has been his place in life.

“Greatness comes from living with purpose and passion” -Ralph Marston

Mike’s father was a huge influence in his life. His dad always set guidelines and never rules. He encouraged him to make money like a pro athlete doing something you love to do so it’s not like work. Hence the purpose and passion model of life.

At an early age, he mowed lawns to help raise cash to purchase AV equipment. Just picture a youngster on his bike, hanging onto his brand new Panasonic compact stereo and thruster speakers, going home to create sound. Then jump ahead another decade and you find this social college guy sharing sound with his Klipsch Heresy speakers and a nice amp. “The guy with the music brought the party”, says Mike.

The Path to Texadia Home

Although he has a Finance degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State (go Cowboys), he has spent his life educating himself through both formal training and trial and error along the road of hard knocks.  His training includes multiple Cedia certifications including an ESC-D Design certification, plus training with the top manufacturers in the industry.

Mike had the pleasure of working with some impressive industry companies along the way as well as being a part of changing the sound experience. He worked for EDS, formally owned by Ross Perot, for both the office of the CIO and the General Motors account bridging the gap between technology and how people used it. He was fortunate enough to work for CBS Viacom, movie and cable industry, working to bring Dolby surround to Showtime so all original content was presented in Dolby surround.

All this knowledge now turns to a desire to open his own business. One of Mike’s greatest successes. Mike attributes his inspiration to Herb Kelleher, founder and CEO or Southwest Airlines. Herb saw an opportunity to create a business to solve client needs in the airline industry. Mike wanted to solve client needs for home technology and make it simple to use.

Mike’s ultimate vision is to is to consistently deliver respected and reliable service – becoming the Toyota of our industry.  There are so many tech options and endless opportunities for failure from cheap product to unreliable install, service, etc.  Truly reliable solutions require great equipment and a great team to design, install and maintain it.  This is what the Texadia Home Technologies team delivers.

Outside the Office

Technology drives the world, but Mike finds time to disconnect from technology and connect with nature as much as he can with family and friends. His favorite hobby is fly fishing on the San Juan River in Northern Mexico, Vermejo Park Ranch. He also really enjoys Animas in Durango. He tries to find the most remote location with no cell service.

The most important thing to Mike is family. He has 2 boys, one following in his footsteps of finance degree and ending up in technology with one attending Colorado School of Mines working towards a mechanical engineering degree. The love of his life, Jill, is the opposite of Mike as the non-rule follower, all smiles and fun, and always inspires others. She’s an awesome cook teaching Mike how to cook. His favorite is her slow cooker brisket that melts in your mouth. The family has a very important non-human member, Oakley. Oakley is a wheaten terrier who thinks she is human with her normal spot in the house – the coffee table. Mike is constantly sharing stories about the family, their trips to Colorado skiing, hiking and just loving nature.

To end this wonderful story is a shared lesson’s learned from Mike, “Technology constantly changes and no one replaces a TV with a smaller one.” One good reason to have someone like Mike helping you. What is the right technology for you and your family. We make it more fun to stay home.