Scott Birdsong

Our Inspired Design Solutions meets Our Creative Engineer.

When it comes to the technology decisions behind the solutions we provide our clients, there is a special talent behind the AV design team.  A creative engineer.  An artist.  An individual that ensures that all of the pieces fit together to meet our customers’ expectations. At Texadia Systems we entrust those decisions to our Vice President of Design and Engineering, Scott Birdsong CTS-D DMC-D.

Scott has been “tinkering” with technology as long as he can remember.  As a child, he loved taking things apart to better understand how they worked. He also had a passion for music and art as well, but it was too early in life to understand how to bring his many interests in music and technology together as a career. But in May of 1985, while seated directly behind the sound and lighting booth at his first rock concert; he realized his fascination with AV technology. He immediately pointed and remarked, “That’s what I want to do.”

Scott began to learn all that he could about Audio, Video, and Lighting technologies in hopes to someday have a career in the industry. At a garage sale, his father bought him an old tattered book titled, “The Audio Cyclopedia” by Howard Tremaine. Scott quickly memorized all 1280 pages and spent most of his evenings after school testing his loudspeaker enclosure designs and building tube amplifiers in his dad’s garage.

His learning continued throughout high school as he participated in theater productions and local events.  After high school, Scott enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas under their new Video Production and Recording Engineering program. At the time, it was the only program around that resembled a “formal education” in AV technologies.

While attending school, Scott answered an ad in the local newspaper from a company seeking AV installation technicians and went to work for AV Pro, Inc. pulling cable and hanging loudspeakers in local restaurants, schools, and churches. It was hard work and long hours for a young boy, but recalls the many lessons learned while being mentored by the owner of the company, Tom Fowlston.

“Tom taught me about doing the job right the first time. He taught me to be efficient while onsite and how to manage and organize my van, materials, and work areas.  It turned out to be a valuable lesson for me and I continue to pass this along to new technicians today.”

Scott was never formally trained in music but plays multiple instruments by ear.  His admiration for the art and his passion for production technologies continued to draw him towards live event production. So, in his early 20’s he had the opportunity to take a break from the installation side of the business and hit the road working as a live production technician. He started out loading and unloading trucks, pulling cable, building stages, and focusing stage lights. Eventually he worked his way into various audio engineering positions and his time on the road allowed him to work with popular artists ranging from Garth Brooks to Gladys Night & The Pips.

After spending several years fulfilling his “Roadie Dreams”, he returned home looking for a more stable ‘8 to 5’ career which led him back into AV integration here in Dallas. Once he returned home, he went to work for what was, at that time, one of the largest AV integration firms in the country called MCSI. There he worked his way up through the installation department, gaining experience as a lead technician, then a project manager, and eventually as a system design engineer where he felt most at home. Scott holds several manufacturer’s certifications along with being recognized by Infocomm International as a Certified Technology Specialist in Design (CTS-D).

Over the years, he has had an opportunity to work with many leaders in the AV industry and considers his major influences to be industry veterans such as; Tom Fowlston with AV Pro, Mart Nelson & Bill Morgan with Avistas Consulting, Scott Sharer with CDG, Inc., and the President and Founder of Texadia Systems, Steve Burke.

“Each of these men took the time to teach me important aspects of the AV industry. From installation ‘best practices’, system design methods, time management, etc.;  To the business side of things such as understanding project costs, the sales cycle, and building long term relationships with customers.”

Scott considers his biggest influence to be his father, who taught him the most important lesson in his career, taking care of the customer. “My dad was in the service industry and had an amazing reputation for top customer satisfaction. Even if things didn’t go perfect, he was always honest and upfront with his customers. He communicated the problem immediately and presented a solution to correct the issue. His customers respected and appreciated that type of communication. They trusted him and that is the type of relationship I want with my customers.” Scott seems to have a magnet that draws him to people that need/want help or just needs someone to listen. Scott will take the time to listen.

“Customer service is about compassion and understanding how to help solve a problem. Simply put, it is all about ‘listening well’. We feel it’s what separates Texadia Systems from our competition. We ‘Listen Well’ and I am proud of that.”

Being a creative person, it is no surprise that Scott has many interests outside of work, such as; photography, live music, aviation, motorcycles, and drone technology. His family consists of his three daughters Maddie, Kailee, Stella, and his son Jack. Scott and his wife Brooke love spending their free time attending concerts and traveling the world together. And we can’t forget Vinnie, the family German Shepard – a rescue dog that is a permanent part of the Birdsong’s family.

Scott is excited about what Texadia represents.  With his extensive knowledge in AV technologies, strong customer service background, and passion for solving problems; he is a Principle Partner and works daily as the Vice President of Engineering, helping drive success for our employees and our customers at Texadia Systems.

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