Scott Wilde

Account Executive

Once a passion, always a passion. Scott Wilde is no exception. Scott has joined the Texadia Team to help our high end luxury residential and commercial clients bring the most up-to-date technology to their homes and businesses. It’s amazing how life turns and sometimes you land right back where you started for a very good reason. Scott first dabbled in AV in high school building car audio systems then with AV between semesters with C-band satellite systems in college. He became a trainer, then moved on and up to an ops manager. Surround sound was introduced and he began installing audio systems. He remembers Dolby systems and the changing of the age of mono/analog to digital.

Scott2 smallcrop e1503492314202Scott enjoys the opportunity to show clients what technology can do for them. You have to have an emotional connection to the project. The creative side of designing it is not a job for him, but just plain fun. The end result is the most satisfying.

“Meeting and beating the client’s expectations as well as the benefit to the client is unparalleled functionality for their everyday life. When that first light switch or automation comes on and the wow factor is released.”

One fond memory was completing a home in Bartonville, 3 story house, 3 surround sounds and one dedicated theater room, 12 zones of audio and this was back when network integration was not prevalent. Full house audio was push button key panels and controlled lighting was something from the Jetsons. We’ve caught up on home automation now except no personalized spaceships.

Scott’s work ethic came from his grandfather and great grandfather who both played strong leadership roles for the family. It was a very large family and instilled incredible work ethic that trickled down through the generations. He wants to do the same for his family. His family owned the oldest single family owned Chevy dealership in the state of Texas. That where his love for technology and cars came from.

The family traditions and ethics do not stop with Scott. His lovely wife is just as strong, knows herself and is very driven. Outdoors are a big part of their lives. They are a non-stop energetic family from daughter Olivia who has energy beyond energy and never met a stranger to Reid who is a focused competitor playing soccer, football and basketball. Texas is their home.

Some Fun Facts about Scott:

  • Huge DIYer. Has a woodshop. Favorite tool is chainsaw. No more fun than that.
  • Loves landscape architecture. Green thumb. Has an acre to play with.
  • Built a 2300 sq. ft. deck and a rock retaining wall for the land due to terrace land.
  • Car enthusiast spending 6 years designing off road high end jeeps and modified classic cars. Check out these videos:
  • Cowboys are a family favorite – Grew up in the Landry era. Roger Staubach was the man when he was growing up.
  • Bucket list item is to visit a different beach every year.

As you can see, Scott has the type of dedication and passion to really be a great partner to our clients. He never misses an article in CEPro. Has a home theater with home audio to talk the talk and walk the walk. His appetite for technology drives success with any relationship or project he is engaged with.