Trent Godby, Director of Commercial Sales

Supplying the highest level of Customer Service day in and day out only comes from those that care and are dedicated to those around them. Trent Godby, our VP of Sales, is that person.

An Unlikely Path to the AV Technology Industry

Trent was born and raised in Ft Worth. Being raised with good ole fashion Texas manners and friendly southern charm makes him a great partner and friend. He always looks for the best in people and tries to help wherever he can.

So how did he get into the AV industry? Trent was a recruiter in the Tech/IT industry for 15 years. He met Steve Burke playing hockey together and they became friends from the start. Trent was ready for a change and Steve was running an AV office located in Dallas. Although never working directly in the industry before, he had helped many find jobs in the technology arena.

Trent took the interview. He went home, jumped online and studied projector central. He interviewed with Steve and he fondly remembers he gave notice on December 28th, 2004 at 8 am. Got in the car and started his new journey at 9:00 am the same day.

Trent wanted to learn everything he could about the AV Industry and the products that brought the solutions together. He studied Extron, Smartboards, everything about Projectors and asked a lot of questions. One of his first clients was Lubbock ISD which he met at TCEA. Even though he has been self-taught he had a ton of helpful resources and talented people to help guide him. He loved AV right from the start. He felt he could really help clients solve problems. Trent landed quickly assisting education clients.

He spent the next year traveling around north Texas carrying product over the shoulder for demos from DFW to the pan handle. Building relationships and learning what the education client needed. Trent feels this experience brought him many lifelong friends he might not have met otherwise. His grateful nature gave him what today is 5-Star customer service. You are a partner, client and friend when you meet Trent.

Passion Makes it Happen

Passion runs deep for Trent and it all revolves around family. That passion helps “make it happen” for whomever he is helping.

“I’m passionate about my job because it helps me support my family. I love the
people I work with and they become family to me. Family is second to none. I want my
customers to know and feel they can trust me.”

Trent never forgets a client, an experience, a friendship. Trent has a strong photographic memory, as well as, he can recite specific dates and times effortlessly. And when special relationships began or an event took place he could probably tell you what you were wearing. Learning and remembering important facts about the people he meets in his life helps drive his customer service deliverables personally and professionally.

Trent’s inspiration comes from multiple sports heroes, Roger Staubach and Ben Hogan are among the favorites. They dedicated themselves and overcame obstacles to win and be the best. “Perfection is unattainable but we can achieve excellence.” Results come from hard work. You can see this inspiration on the golf course with Trent. He strives to have a better game each time he plays.

“You can always do better. It makes me do the best for my family, company and the
people in my life. I do not like to let people down.”

One of his greatest influences was his grandmother. She was very smart and had common sense. You could talk to her about anything. Her advice was “Just work as hard as you can.” Trent quotes her saying, “do the right thing.” She was his guiding light through divorce as a child. She never went to college but Trent felt she was the smartest person he knew.

Trent had the opportunity to attend UT Arlington to study MIS – Management Information Systems. He has also obtained industry accreditations such as Infocomm CTS and Extron AV Associate Certification. He states, “Anyone in the industry should take the AV Associates online. It really helps you learn the industry and tougher than CTS.” He actually had to take it twice. But far above these, his greatest success is his family, friends and the commitment to the relationships over the years.

Outside the Office

In his spare time, his number one love is golf. He played in high school and college, and will never stop playing. Ben Hogan is one of his heroes. He had a hard life and was successful. Then had a bad auto accident and overcame it, eventually won the US open. At 12 years old his father talked about Jack Nicholas. Trent saw him in person and watch him win a tournament. From then on it was a love. Trent has accolades of Player of the year at Craig Ranch. He has not has a hole in one…yet.

Trent wears red every Friday to honor our deployed troops.

Trent and his wife Trish have a wonderful life together. She works as a Facilities Coordinator. “She’s my best friend. We are just meant to be.” Marriage is not hard work to this happy couple. “We can just hang out.” They have two sons, Gentry and Gage. Gentry is currently serving in the Marines USMC Reserves. “Gentry is a great role model for his younger brother.” Gage is in Jr High. Trent says, “He’s just a good young man. Incredible moral compass and so proud of him. We are very blessed for our boys.”

The family isn’t complete without mentioning their other two non-human children, Pepper and Abbey. Both are German Shepherds. Trent always has pictures and stories to share. He loves seeing them play together.

Trent does not see himself retiring. He never wants to slow down. He will continue to enjoy life and play golf. Maybe be a course marshal one day. He wants to be remembered as doing the right thing and fighting for what is right.

He’s the man for the job if you want someone to look after your best interests and really help you solve problems. His dedication to everyone he meets is what makes him “the guy to call on.”