William Fredericks III

Project Manager

One of the key elements to an integrators success is process and project management. We welcome an outstanding representation of both in William Fredericks, III as a Project Coordinator for Texadia Systems. William has already hit the ground running on improving communication and project organization.

William has a background fit like a glove for our industry not to mention his fascination for technology. He worked with a general contractor building custom homes in Oklahoma.

The clientele could design and request absolutely any amenity they wanted to make their home special for their family. Highly custom projects are challenging to manage and coordinate. He stated, “Rewarding and challenging when you are building someone else’s dream.” With that comes supervision of specialty products, many different subcontractors and at the same time keeping the client happy.

His inspiration and influence on life comes from two different worlds. One of competitive sports and one from his first business experience having a great mentor and coach. William spent multiple years in competitive rock climbing. Climbing as a sport not only needs strength, courage and perseverance, it is also very hard on your body. Risk vs reward seems like a compelling motivator. His high school coach is honored with the sentiments, “He molded me into what I am today. He kept me focused and out of trouble.”

The biggest impact in his life was his boss in Oklahoma right out of college. They had similar personalities and viewpoints in life. He felt like they could have conversations for hours. “He always gave me solid advice.” He told William, “No one cares as much as you do.” Something William will carry with him always and now works towards setting the goal and expectations to get everyone to care together.

William has a BS in Industrial Safety with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is OSHA certified. ACI American Concrete Field Tested and Certified as well as Autodesk Revit Certified/3D Building Information Modeling Software. These are great transferrable skills for the AV industry. He fell into this academic roadmap after realizing his initial plan of kinesiology and nutrition might not have been the path meant to be.

“It was interesting how safety affects a business and how many people
under estimate how it can affect a company.”

Spending time with his wife, as well as with family and friends is top on his list for relaxation. William enjoys staying healthy, biking, a nice run and taking Louie, their miniature poodle, to the dog park. He has a love for music. He says, “Techno got a bad rap” as he listens to modern techno while doing emails, a little smooth jazz each morning and alternative rock while driving. Occasionally music from 2000’s is the entertaining sound for a gathering.

At the end of the day, William works to relax. Loves the low key life, hanging out and just having fun.