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A collaborative, contemporary and collective learning experience at your fingertips

In the last decade, there has been an influx of affordable audiovisual technologies available to businesses and corporate environments that aid the learning process – from video conferencing to HD projectors to fully integrated conference rooms and training facilities. One of the most innovative and cutting edge of these AV solutions is the interactive whiteboard display.

Interactive displays and whiteboards help create dynamic learning environments, helping to build greater collaboration and interaction in conference rooms and training environments. Active learning is now the preferred training method, replacing traditional passive instruction techniques. Active learning benefits the instruction process by reinforcing important concepts and ideas, establishing tangible connections to the material, improving collaboration and sense of community, and more.

Interactive Whiteboard Systems Integrators

At Texadia Systems, we specialize in installing, training and servicing award-winning corporate interactive whiteboard video conferencing systems from all the major manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sharpe and Newline.

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What is an interactive display?

An interactive whiteboard display is a training tool that uses a digital projector to transmit computer images onto a whiteboard display.

This allows users to directly control and change elements on the whiteboard by using their finger or an interactive pen like a mouse. Interactive displays are commonly used to create interactive learning experiences in conference rooms and training environments.

When using an interactive whiteboard display, instructors can use their finger or pen to:

  • Add annotations/notes
  • Highlight text
  • Make drawings
  • Show pictures
  • Display website content
  • Save handwritten notes

Common Applications of Interactive Displays

Interactive whiteboard displays are potentially useful in a diverse range of settings, including:

    • Corporate. Whether presenting a project idea or training new hires, an interactive display is the perfect tool for efficient and effective communication in the workplace.


    • Education. Interactive whiteboards displays are ideal for teaching because they help instructors cater to different kinds of learning styles in the classroom, such as tactile, visual and auditory learners.


    • Sports. In professional sports, coaches and commentators often use interactive displays to play videos of the game, pause it at certain points, and draw on the board to show what players could have done differently.


    • Science. Scientific and medical research facilities frequently utilize interactive whiteboards displays to present new findings, organize lectures and more.


As one of the fastest growing integrators in North Texas, our corporate AV experts will use over 250 years of combined industry experience to find the best interactive whiteboard video conferencing solution for you. Along with our other corporate AV equipment, interactive displays are a highly effective and affordable way to bring active learning into your conference rooms or training environment. Talk to us today to learn more about your options and how we can be of assistance.