Who Should Be Sitting at Your AV Tech Planning Table?

When you have an AV tech planning meeting at your business, it pays to understand who should be present and their respective roles.

AV tech planning meeting

When it comes to planning infrastructure such as audiovisual solutions and other business technologies, it is important to know who all is part of the meetings to make things happen. Do you have the right people at the table to discuss how to perfectly align a technology with what your company needs?

Having buy-in for the situation is great for the company as the bandwidth has critical needs that must be met. With IT, especially commercial AV solutions, you must also make sure that it meets the needs of quality service as well as keeps your team, customers and partners happy.

There are a few critical people who should be present at these meetings to make sure they go the right way from the beginning.

Executive Administration

First and foremost, there needs to be executive administrator at the meeting. The members of this team have to make sure that every function of the process goes off without a hitch. Usually, this process takes place through board meetings and daily appointments.

These people will often be one of the most critical members at your table as they need to deal with some of the greatest problems that might be given to IT. They are essential as they understand how the company works from the perspective of executives in the company, and they understand how to make sure everyone is pleased.

Human Resources

As any well-working company knows, the human resources (HR) department is necessary to make any kind of process go smoothly by hiring and maintaining the right employees or contractors to get the job done. They are able to help find people or companies with the right qualities to complete projects, and they know what type of candidates to attract.

At the same time, HR personnel are aware of what technologies and skills individuals need to be familiar with in order to make the company function smoothly. These people also work to find information on working conditions that employees prefer. They are usually the driving force of the company, so they need to be included in the process of finding the right commercial systems integrator.

Training Experts & Account Managers

If you are hiring in-house, training experts are also needed to make sure the new employee has the right skills and tool at hand to get the job done. When it comes to handling collaboration overload, this department is great at making sure tasks are delegated to the right people and right departments.

Trainers also make sure that touch screens, mobility, instant content sharing, virtual training environments, webinars and interactive events all take place to keep employees abreast of situations and products or services being developed.

If you are hiring a third-party system integrator to implement an AV solution, consider designating one individual or team as the Account Manager. The role of the account manager is to facilitate communication between your business and the contractor, as well as to ensure goals and expectations are met on time.

Trainers and account managers, therefore, need to be kept the most informed on what goes on in the company to be sure they can meet the needs of others as part of their daily job functions.

Marketing Department

When it comes to customer outreach, there is no better way to go about making customers or business partners happy than to have a marketing department that gets the job done right the first time. It is important to understand that AV is one of the most efficient ways to communicate and collaborate with customers and partners as it is vibrant and creative.

The company’s culture must be communicated internally to employees and externally to customers. In many ways, AV is not just a bunch of equipment that sits around; it is a method of sending a message to people.

Therefore, the marketing department has to make decisions on things like digital signage and video wall experiences to make sure that all of the messages being relayed and maintained are consistent.

Importance of Teamwork in AV Technology Planning

It is of utmost importance that individuals in your company work as a team in order to figure out what works best for AV technology planning. All team members who have a say in what happens with this technology, or people who make use of it in some way, need to be kept abreast of changes in how their skills are utilized and how they work for the company. In this manner, both customers and employees can remain satisfied.

If your business is planning an AV technology project, we invite you to partner with the expert Dallas systems integrators at Texadia Systems. We will listen to your needs and work closely as part of your team to ensure you receive a solution that you, your team and your customers are happy with. Contact us to find out how we can help you.