Are LED Displays Worth the Price?

10 ways LED displays provide better returns on your A/V technology investment

business advertising with LED displays

LED displays are not only the preferred way to advertise businesses and promote products, they are also used in a variety of applications from interior digital signage to art installments to conference room and communications displays.

Also referred to as “digital wallpaper,” modern LED displays have the ability to create an interactive visual environment in new and creative ways. Technological advances in digital display A/V equipment have made LED displays more effective, flexible and affordable.

If you’re still unsure about whether LED is the way to go, here are 10 reasons why digital signage is a worthy investment:

1. Information Retention

Digital signage is much more attractive than traditional, static displays. Creating more visual appeal results in a higher retention rate. Studies show that bright images and visual tools help people remember facts, figures and data better. Plus, the same content be displayed across different offices, stores or rooms, helping to boost brand consistency.

2. Ease of Use

LED screens are fairly easy to setup and versatile. They can be installed inside an office or conference room, or outside a store. Content can play continuously, ensuring that anyone who passes by sees the information on the screen or has a fun, interactive experience. Designing a custom digital display is straightforward through a variety of software app solutions – no graphic design experience necessary.

3. Content Control

Unlike investing in traditional signage, LED displays give businesses complete control of the videos or content they wish to display and when to display it. There are no contracts to follow and no time limits to worry about. You can also update content as often as necessary. For example, restaurant owners often prefer digital displays because it allows them to instantly and easily update their menu.

4. Low Maintenance

LED displays are fairly low maintenance units and easy to repair. In the rare even when something goes awry, it can usually be fixed with a quick software update. If it’s a hardware issue, typically a broken bulb module only needs replacing. In other words, investing in these digital display solutions provides businesses with a lot of forward momentum without much hassle.

5. Low Energy Costs

New LED displays now come with energy conservation seals and are eco-friendly. Even today’s biggest LED screens don’t consume near as much energy as other electrical displays like neon lights and projectors. So even if you run your digital LED display 24/7, you won’t fall out of your chair when the electric bill arrives. LED displays are a great way to decrease your environmental footprint.

6. Weather Resistance

Because of the popularity of LED screens for outdoor use, manufacturers have devised innovative ways to effectively protect digital displays from the elements. These devices can withstand common weather conditions, so they won’t be affected by rain, wind or dust.

7. Cost-Effectiveness

While building large, custom LED displays may require more upfront cost, businesses can expect a good return on their technology investment in the long run. On the internal side, digital displays have fairly low maintenance costs and are more energy efficient, save you as much as 20 percent compared to traditional displays. These savings will further compound if you are using LED displays to replace advertising. On the customer side, LED displays help build brand authority and awareness as well as improve the overall consumer experience and increasing sales.

8. Multi-Functional

LED displays have many uses. Digital signage is commonly used by prominent venues around the world, not to mention major corporations, retail chain stores and in the hospitality industry. Unlike traditional signage which serves just one purpose, LED displays can be used in a variety of other applications such as CCTV monitoring systems, auditorium fixtures, interactive artistic experiences, interior signage, conference room A/V solutions and more. Businesses can take advantage of an LED display to boost their sales and training processes.

9. Simple Integration

LED displays are technology-forward devices that can be easily integrated into your existing systems. Consult with a qualified A/V technician to help you map out a framework or build an entire architecture of digital signage to suit your needs.

10. Home & Office Use

LED displays are not exclusively for business use. Homeowners can also take advantage. Installing LED screens to build indoor cinemas or for use as a security monitoring system is common in modern households.

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