How to Make Room in Your Budget for Boardroom AV

Can’t get management to sign off on a technology update? Here’s some advice…

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If your business is like most, your office’s boardroom probably does not get a whole lot of attention from the finance department or the top administration.

As a result, it may be easy to ignore your boardroom – financial year after financial year – even when your organization is long overdue for modern audio and video boardroom equipment.

You may be asking:

Why is it so important to bring your boardroom into the 21st century?

Complications arising from defunct or faulty machines can cause embarrassing boardroom situations while handling important meetings with potential partners or clients. These include losing time in limited session windows due to setting up devices or correcting technical issues.

Modern AV equipment for boardrooms has evolved to allow full digital control that delivers higher quality video conferencing, automates transitions between conferencing and presentations, and enhances the boardroom’s aesthetic by ridding it of old and excessive electronics.

In addition, high-quality sound systems and color schemes will enliven meetings and ultimately contribute to increased boardroom productivity.

“This is all well and good,” you might be saying, “but how do I get my higher ups to give the green light on a boardroom enhancement project.”

Ideas for Persuading Your CEO to Invest in Modern Boardroom AV Technology

Here are some ways you might convince the budget-makers in your business to set aside a portion for a boardroom renovation:

  1. Draft a report showing the cost of upgrading the old AV equipment for boardrooms into a modern one. An actual quote from a local systems integration company might not be as exaggerated as other staff may estimate.
  2. Gather information on how your team feels about operating slow or defective boardroom equipment. A questionnaire, for example, can prompt them to express their opinion on how slow connections impact the effectiveness of their meetings. Or, ask your IT department to give their opinions on how a modern AV system would further the company’s overall agenda by increasing boardroom productivity, such as the effectiveness of using high tech speakers and display screens.
  3. Draft an analysis report citing the costs incurred from performing regular repairs on faulty AV devices. Management might consider upgrading to a new system and eliminate recurrence of such bills.
  4. Talk to the technical team to get a detailed breakdown on how a modernized boardroom might reduce energy costs. With occupancy sensors, AV equipment and lights are automatically turned off after a meeting.

A company’s boardroom might not be the most regularly used room in the office and therefore might not attract a big percentage of the budget. However, the meetings that do occur there are typically high important.

How to Maximize Your Boardroom AV Update Funds

If you manage to get approval on updating your boardroom, the next hurdle you must tackle is how to spend those funds which you just fought hard for.

A comprehensive boardroom AV system includes more than just a projector, a camera and a telephone these days. Here are some tips on how to maximize on the available funds for designing a winning modern boardroom:

Determine your needs.

Here’s a secret:

You should only integrate cutting edge equipment for your boardroom when it serves a specific and essential function for your business, rather than carelessly spending on technology you don’t need and will never use. Just because most business boardrooms have a certain device doesn’t mean it is applicable or necessary for your organization.

First and foremost, you must figure out what capabilities you want your boardroom to have based on what you wish to accomplish in that space.

Hire a professional systems integrator.

Next, once you have established your needs, it is time to partner with a professional AV systems integration company, like Texadia Systems, who has the experience and resources to complete your boardroom update project on time and within budget. Our knowledgeable systems integrator can also help you decide which devices are necessary, and which are superfluous.

For instance, what about displays? You can add enthusiasm to conferencing calls by enhancing interaction using dynamic displays that nurture learning and cooperation.

Or, the interactive whiteboard system is a modern tech that suits learning, professional meetings and news updates. How might that benefit your organization?

Next, we can help you consider lighting. There are high-quality systems available such as touchscreen systems to control lighting or automatically dim the bulbs when not in use.

And don’t forget sound. A boardroom should be designed and equipped so that a person in the farthest back corner of the room can clearly hear a presenter speaking in the front – and vice versa. A ceiling microphone, for example, can provide quality sound in every position, as well as flash mounted speakers.

Our professional systems integrators can help you answer your questions, discuss technology options and determine the best use of your limited budget. Contact us today to tell us about your project.