Commercial AV Solutions for Businesses

Video conferencing and advanced technology in the workplace used to be a luxury, but now commercial audiovisual (AV) solutions have become a necessity.

In a world where we are becoming more dependent on technology for organizations to run smoothly, putting together the capabilities to connect virtually across the country and even globally is not only more efficient, but it also saves your business money on costly travel expenses.

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Benefits of AV Solutions

  • Year-Over-Year Savings

    AV solutions help businesses trim internal operational costs as well as increase productivity and business results. Once the initial technology investment is made, remote conferencing and collaborative processes provide an even greater percentage of cost savings from reduced travel and operational efficiencies.


  • Cost Savings

    Typically, the total travel time for an eight-hour meeting is about 24 hours, so 32 hours total. That’s four times more expense in personnel cost alone. Add to that airfare, car rentals, hotels, and food, and it’s no wonder so many companies are looking into video conferencing, virtual meetings, mobile collaboration, and telepresence solutions.

  • More Flexibility

    If you need to connect with people who is are out of the office, they can use any smart device to meet virtually, whether they’re sitting at the airport or on a beach. With more work-from-home and remote satellite offices, the right technology can integrate and streamline otherwise independent activities.


  • Better Communication

    By meeting via video or audio conference, you can cut down on the long, extended workshops and conduct shorter, as-needed collaborations so your business runs much more efficiently. Connecting with employees or customers quickly and clearly is key to building and retaining a successful business. The ability to communicate through audio and video conferencing allows you to regularly make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Smaller Conference Rooms

    You no longer need huge spaces to accommodate big groups of people. Instead, you can use smaller spaces that are integrated into your business’s technology solution.


With systems designed to meet your specific operational needs, you can link arms online with other areas of your organization, with partners, and with clients.

Choosing the Right System is Mind-Boggling

With so many different types of AV system components and a growing variety of manufacturers, it’s no wonder many companies are baffled and have questions:


  • How can I ensure interoperability of my office systems with mobile units in the field?
  • Should I run my system with an Apple or a PC?
  • For my group’s needs, should I go with a large-screen LED flat-screen display or a laser rear-projection system?
  • Which lighting system will accommodate optimal viewing from all over the room without breaking the bank?
  • What elements of my current system can I retain to reduce cost and still meet my objectives?
  • What type of cameras will best meet my needs, and which control system will be best for video routing and live streaming?

Even smaller operations can benefit from an experienced solutions consultant to identify the best components with the lowest total cost outlay. The more complex your business and your needs, the greater the chance of potential issues with interconnections, compatibility, and unwelcome surprises.

Unfortunately, many companies begin by buying products that seem to meet their needs and then painfully trudge through changes trying to make things work together efficiently. A better way involves working with an expert commercial technology integrator and building a system customized to your business. Texadia Systems provides everything you need from the start of the project and beyond:

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