Commercial AV Solutions for Healthcare

Technology has always been an essential component of the healthcare industry, which is why modern hospitals and clinics continue to insist on using state-of-the-art commercial AV equipment for every single aspect of patient care.

Operating room with equipment: Texadia AV Solutions for Businesses KC
Operating rooms and laboratories include some of the most cutting-edge equipment available, and even your old-fashioned, small town doctor is every bit as likely to walk into the exam room with a laptop or tablet computer as a stethoscope. Technology has modernized healthcare in many important ways, and physicians now have instant access to their patients’ most up-to-date medical records as well as the most current research on the best practices for diagnosis and treatment.

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the most crucial aspects of medical technology is audio-visual equipment. The medical industry is only beginning to discover the power provided by videoconferencing and online communications. Doctors can now provide top-notch service to more patients than ever, and patients can take comfort in the knowledge that they’ll have direct access to the most qualified physicians in the industry – no matter where they are.

Here are a few of the exciting ways in which commercial AV solutions are revolutionizing the healthcare industry:

Advanced Collaboration

The decision to proceed with certain surgeries isn’t one that physicians ever approach lightly, particularly if the procedure is invasive or experimental. Surgeons now have the ability to use video conferencing to consult face-to-face with colleagues who specialize in procedures they may be considering and make informed decisions based on the most current information available.


One of the most exciting demonstrations of AV’s power in healthcare is the ability to bring patients and physicians together, no matter where they are. It’s not always cost-effective to maintain fully staffed healthcare facilities in rural areas or in developing countries, but that shouldn’t suggest that those areas don’t have patients with immediate healthcare needs. Telemedicine requires relatively little network infrastructure, and a clinic can be set up just about anywhere. The doctor and patient now have the ability to communicate face-to-face no matter how many hundreds of miles are between them. Telemedicine is also an efficient way for physicians to diagnose, treat and observe more patients than ever.

Integrated Operating Rooms

Most surgeries currently involve using many high tech devices, such as telemetry that records and displays a patient’s vital signs in real time on video monitors. This information helps expedite procedures and can often make surgery less invasive. Integration also facilitates real-time access to all medical data for the patient and streamlines the number of personnel needed to assist on surgical procedures.


Most operating rooms have a very limited amount of seating in their observation areas, which means that medical school students, interns and residents have limited access to observing procedures. With an integrated operating room environment, procedures can be recorded for posterity and made available for viewing on demand. The medical student of the future will soon be able to access and view a virtually limitless database of surgical procedures without having to worry about fighting fellow students for space.

Digital Signage

Even though it doesn’t have a direct impact on patient health, digital signage around a hospital or other medical facility gives patients and guests the ability to navigate and stay connected through important announcements. Digital signage is also extremely efficient because it is connected to one source, so information can be updated or changed around the entire facility in a matter of seconds.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Our Innovative Healthcare AV Solutions

The healthcare industry continues to become more advanced, and incorporating an effective plan for integrating AV solutions into your medical facility is an important way to make sure that your patients receive the highest standard of care available.

Our team of Dallas-based AV specialists at Texadia Systems is ready to listen to your specific needs and develop a plan to incorporate the commercial AV solutions you need to continue to meet and exceed the high standards you’ve set for patient care. Contact us to let us know how we can help.