Growing Your Legal Practice: Commercial AV Solutions for the Legal Sector

Audio/video technology has become a necessary part of communication for every commercial business, and the legal sector is no exception.

Businessman taking notes in office: Texadia AV Solutions for Business KC ArticleLawyers can spend hours on the phone and emailing clients, witnesses, judges and many others, but they also make it a priority to meet face-to-face with their clients. Why? Because the most effective and clear way to communicate is face-to-face.

Relying solely on phone calls and emails can lead to information being missed or misunderstood, which can be very problematic when you’re dealing with sensitive legal issues.

4 Ways Video Conferencing Helps a Legal Firm

Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular in the business world for many reasons. Here are four reasons video conferencing could change the way your law firm does business:

  1. Maximizes Face Time and Improves Communication

    Two important parts of effective communication are reading a person’s nonverbal cues and looking them in the eyes. Face-to-face meetings are extremely important for solid communication. Most clients who hire lawyers are dealing with emotionally exhausting situations, such as a slip-and-fall injury, car accident or custody battle. Video conferencing helps lawyers work through the tough questions face-to-face without leaving their office.

  1. Provides Access to a Bigger Audience

    Video conferencing helps make face-to-face interaction possible for people who are seeking legal counsel but cannot visit an office due to an injury or lack of transportation, limiting their contact to phone or email conversations. With AV technology, law firms can make themselves much more accessible and engaging to these clients. You can build relationships and trust with clients who may feel distanced otherwise.

  1. Increases Efficiency and Cuts Costs

    Because lawyers know that face-to-face meetings are important, they often travel in order to meet with clients who are unable to visit law firms in person. While these trips help lawyers gain trust and a good rapport with clients, they are often expensive and time consuming. Video conferencing helps to bridge the gap between efficiency and familiarity.

  1. Improves Collaboration with Colleagues and Witnesses

    When you’re dealing with a difficult car accident case or a controversial incident, you may need to track down and interview witnesses. Face-to-face meetings are ideal for clear communication, which is crucial when gathering details from a witness. Instead of meeting in person, you can use video conferencing to get information more quickly and easily.

Many lawyers also find video conferencing helpful when dealing with “gray area” cases; they can bounce their findings and arguments off of an expert on that particular subject. These fellow lawyers and professionals may be located across the country (or the world), so having the ability to meet face-to-face without leaving the office opens up opportunities for more corroboration.

Other AV Solutions for Lawyers

Video conferencing is not the only way in which legal firms can use the latest technology to grow and improve their practices. Another benefit to having a complete AV system is the ability to share important documents and files virtually, rather than dealing with endless stacks of paper. This method is not only more convenient, but it’s also more secure due to the digital format.

Finally, having the latest AV technology and systems integration gives your law firm the benefit of looking professional and attractive to potential clients as well as potential partners.

If you’re looking for commercial AV solutions for your legal firm or business, talk with an expert technician at Texadia Systems today. We will listen to your individual needs and professionally install equipment that will help your firm succeed.