When DIY Fails: Knowing When to Call an Audiovisual Professional

man calling a professional residential AV consultantYou’re tangled up in wires looking at the big hole in your living room wall and wondering if you’ll actually be able to patch it like you told your wife you could. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. DIY projects don’t always go the way you envision. In those moments, you often find yourself scrambling for a fix.


Audiovisual DIY projects are especially daunting. Dealing with expensive equipment and complex wiring is difficult enough, but on top of that the final audio and video solution actually has to sound and look good when you’re done.


If you are in the middle of installing a new home theater and you’re ready to raise the white flag, it may be time to call in a residential audiovisual professional.


Here are some of the services you can expect from our Dallas audiovisual company:


  • Home cinema system installation. Installing AV equipment is difficult; installing an entire private cinema system and successfully integrating everything is near impossible. So don’t feel like you’ve failed if your DIY installation wasn’t successful. Call in an expert who can have everything fixed and working quickly.


  • New or retrofitted media room design. Whether you’re building a new media room or want to retrofit a new AV system into your existing space, an audio visual professional can work with you and the manufacturers to find the best solutions for you (without leaving unpatched holes in the walls).


  • High-performance surround sound. Sound is very important to your overall movie, music or media experience. Our whole house audio professionals can help you choose quality speakers, figure out how many you need and determine the best places to put them around the room.


  • Private cinema seating. If you’re going to have a killer audio system and a big screen HDTV, why not complete the entire experience with custom movie theater seating? Since cinema seating is not something you shop for regularly, it may be difficult to decide which seats will hold up and fit in your space best. Our pros can help.


  • Acoustic wall treatments. Wall panels can have a big impact on the overall sound in your media room. Putting them in the wrong place can make your audio sound distorted. Placing them correctly will enhance the sound dramatically.


  • One-touch lighting controls. The days of getting up and turning off all the lights to watch a movie are over. As a DIY project, however, dealing with electricity and the wiring required for one-touch lighting can prove to be disastrous.


  • Training and support for new equipment. If you do successfully install a new AV system in your home, you’ve gotten further than most – but the work doesn’t end there. Sometimes learning how to use and integrate all of the new systems can be just as difficult as installation. A professional AV technician can provide ongoing support and training.


At Texadia Systems, we offer high-end residential AV services and solutions, including for private home cinemas and whole home audio. If you’re struggling with a DIY home theater project or would like to create a new media space in your house, contact one of our experienced technicians today.