3 Crystal Clear Benefits of Whole House Audio Systems

Is a wireless whole house audio solution right for you?

Control4 whole house audio solutions

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With the vast improvement in audiovisual technology and availability comes the fact that many people now enjoy having more options right at their fingertips—whether it’s moving a video you want to watch from your phone to your TV, or blasting your favorite music in every room of your home.

When it comes today’s whole house audio solutions, the good news is you no longer have to have to deal with a messy tangle of equipment and cords to achieve crystal clear audio all over your house.

Imagine crisp and crystal clear audio all around your house. Now imagine having the ability to adjust the volume from anywhere, controlling everything from a device you already use, like your smartphone.

Below are the top three benefits of installing an whole house audio system:

1. Keep Your Home Organized

When you keep TVs and other entertainment equipment in multiple rooms in your house, the cords and machines are bound to take up space and cause a cluttered appearance. You could easily have Blu-ray players, speakers or sound bars, video game consoles, and streaming devices cluttering up a spot in each room and creating an eyesore.

With a whole home audio system installed, your speakers can be elegantly hidden in walls and ceilings, making them practically invisible. The other great thing about a whole house system is that you can have clear, high-quality sound in every room. You won’t have to move to another room because the room you’re in doesn’t have the best speaker system.

2. Have More Control

Another aspect of multi-piece sound systems is all the remotes that tend to come with them. With a whole house audio system installed in your house, you can control everything with one device that you already use, like your smartphone or tablet.

A whole house audio solution will also enable you to get all of your music in one place. You can have access to your iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or other mobile music account, your hard drive, and other Internet sources in order to play any song you want all over the house. Blast your favorite playlist from your phone while working on the car in the garage, and keep it going when you hop in the shower to rinse off. Play soft background music while entertaining or cooking dinner, setting the perfect mood for guests in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and even on the outdoor patio.

The best part is that you have total control over your music. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to change songs, change the music settings, or adjust the volume. If you install a multiple source system, everyone in the house can use it to listen to the music they want from their personal devices.

3. More Entertainment Options

If you choose to install a whole house audio visual system, you can seamlessly integrate all your movie, TV show, playlist, and music options so that they’re accessible all over the house. Just like with music, you can access different storage methods for your shows and movies. You can even access apps like Netflix or Amazon, or put your entire video collection on a digital format server.

High End Residential Whole House Audio Installation Services

When you get a whole house audio visual solution professionally installed, you can get everything customized to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. You’ll get only the technology and features you want, plus exclusive training on how to use them.

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