LED Technology Solutions for Commercial, Industrial & Office-Based AV Projects

Discover the many applications and benefits of installing state-of-the-art LED display and lighting technologies.

Have you ever wondered why the international symbol for having a good idea is a light bulb?

It’s because sophisticated lighting not only illuminates your space, it can illuminate your mind, imagination and creativity as well. LED digital signage can also benefit businesses and commercial spaces like yours by empowering more effective communication and advertising through affordable audio visual technology.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current is passed through it. LED solutions are already being used in a wide variety of industries, and the list grows every year. This rapid advancement in LED technology gives rise to more and improved products.

LED lighting solutions - digital display, signage and custom audio visual technologies for commercial, industrial & office-based AV projects

“LEDs are one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.”

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Simply put, LED technology is the wave of the future. Is your business still stuck in the past?

By partnering with Texadia, we’ll connect your business to creators of the top LED display technologies in the industry like NanoLumens, Sharp, LG, LumaStream and more. We specialize in installing and designing innovative digital signage solutions using the latest equipment:

  • NanoLumens Nixel Series™LED signs
  • NanoLumens Engage Series™LED display screens
  • NanoLumens Performance Series™LED solutions
  • NanoLumens AWARE® software-as-a-service (SaaS) display control systems
  • LG OLED Ultra-thin Wallpaper & Dual View displays
  • LumaStream driverless LED lighting


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The Many Applications of LED Technology

LED solutions have applications in almost every modern industry. From a curved digital signage display in an airport to a corporate video wall, there are near endless uses for this innovative technology of the future.

Retail. The secret to converting casual shoppers into paying customers lies in your ability to captivate them. Create a truly memorable shopping experience for your customers by incorporating digital signage platforms that can be configured to fit any size your retail space requires.

Transportation. From airports to train terminals to subway stations, well-designed LED displays can have a strong impact on the thousands or millions of travelers that pass by on any given day. Double-sided suspended displays, for instance, can greatly boost your advertising potential and effectiveness.

Hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, resorts, casinos, theme parks and other businesses in the hospitality industry understand the importance of standing out from the competition. Update your look and provide a unique, modern experience for your guests with state-of-the-art LED technology.

Education. End-to-end LED technology provides the power to fully connect your campus, better engage your students and attract top applicants. In the age of smartphones and tablets, students and faculty alike expect a digital experience to help facilitate an improved learning environment.

Health. Hospitals and health centers are increasingly using innovative LED solutions to provide better care to patients and quickly share important messages among medical staff. Leverage LED technology to help turn your office into a state-of-the-art medical facility and improve overall patient well-being.

Sports. Some of the top athletic programs and arenas worldwide utilize LED technology for hanging concourse signage, seamless video walls, court-side advertising, scoreboards, hall of fame exhibits and more. Enhance the spectator experience while simultaneously boosting ad revenue opportunities.

Corporate. A growing percentage of businesses incorporate LED technology into the office environment. LED displays can be configured to fit any meeting room, boardroom, conference room, training room or other shared space to help boost collaboration and strengthen your corporate identity.

Churches. Keeping traditions alive in today’s world is all about engaging modern congregations in new, creative, inspiring and illuminating ways. For mega churches and other houses of worship, LED displays help you deliver more elevated sermons, worship services and events.


The Many Benefits of LED Solutions

  • Savings. Lower energy consumption means up to 80% savings on monthly bills over standard lighting.
  • Flexibility. LED technologies come in all shapes and sizes, plus they can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Reliability. LED technology last much longer. Our recessed light fixtures will last over 70,000 hours, or a full lifetime.
  • Quality. Higher quality components deliver perfect colors and a full range of temperatures for any setting.
  • Installation. LED installs are faster than line voltage and typical wire installs, and no inspections required.
  • Aesthetics. Fewer switches needed to control lighting and we have a wide selection of fixtures, pendants and sconces.
  • Planning. End-to-end lighting design with each new project includes analysis to determine needs, ideal placement, etc.
  • Simplicity. Much fewer circuits dedicated to the lighting than traditional high voltage systems, eliminating panels and breakers.
  • Control. Digital controls make the system much more functional than standard analog controls.


Our Featured Case Studies

Active Network

We installed a custom LED based “ticker” display in the lobby foyer and park area for company-wide messaging. Each display is 12 inches tall and over 14 feet wide. We contacted Nanolumens to design and build these custom displays to meet the creative request of the customer. Over 100 LED flat panel displays are mounted throughout the new facility. See case study

Advocare International

We installed an LED-based stage lighting system to light the stage platform for both live production and video streaming events. A custom user interface was created to control the lighting scenes, also giving the user the ability to mix colors for effect. A new Crestron control system was installed to give the user a way to quickly recall presets, route video, control lighting, etc. See case study

Avocados From Mexico

We designed a system that consists of multiple flat-panel LED displays that allow the user the ability to show video such as a wireless laptop presentation, high definition cook-top cameras, digital signage players, a dedicated room PC, etc. AFM also now has digital signage appliances where they can create and control content delivered to the displays during an event. See case study


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