Love Music? Upgrade Your Audio Experience with These Essential Technologies  

Audiophile (noun): a person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about equipment for playing recorded sound, and its quality. –Cambridge English Dictionary  

Does that sound like you? If you’re a music enthusiast who collects vinyl, streams lossless audio files, and can tell the difference between low and high-end speakers, then you deserve a superior sound system.  

If you’re currently only using a small Bluetooth speaker or old stereo, then it’s time for an upgrade. With the right two-channel audio equipment, you’ll enjoy music like never before in your Frisco, TX home.  

Read on to discover the three things all audiophiles need in their high-end audio systems. And to learn more about AV solutions, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter here 

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1. High-Resolution Media Sources  

If you want high-end sound, you need to start with high-quality music. Many audiophiles swear by vinyl, and if you’re a record collector, you can incorporate a turntable in a two-channel system. A quality record player makes all the difference, so make sure you invest in a reputable brand, like Marantz, for low vibration.  

On the digital side of music, we recommend downloading or streaming lossless files like AIFF, FLAC, MQA, or WAV. A digital music streamer can house your digital collection and streaming, all safely and easily accessible in one device. Some audio aficionados prefer CDs, and if you do too, you can also connect a CD player to the system.   

2. Receiver/Amplifier & Preamp  

The receiver is the central hub of all audio systems. It picks up audio signals from your media sources and sends them to each speaker. Multi-source receivers offer multiple inputs so you can switch between your phone, turntable, CDs, etc. And if you’ll be using digital audio, you may want to choose a digital receiver with Bluetooth capabilities.  

On the other hand, many audiophiles believe using an amplifier and preamplifier yields stronger sound quality than just a receiver. Receivers and amplifiers are similar, yet receivers include a radio and a built-in amplifier.  

But separate preamplifiers are valuable for reducing distortion. Let’s say, for example, you plug in a phone and max out the volume. Normally, you could hear distortion. But a preamp will eliminate that, creating only a pure, clean sound. So, if you want consistently clear audio, consider using a separate amplifier and preamp.  

3. Quality Loudspeakers  

You could have excellent audio sources and a high-end receiver, but if your speakers are poor, you won’t be able to achieve audiophile-quality music. High-fidelity speakers are renowned for a reason. They’re able to replicate all sound frequencies much closer than low-end speakers can. You need to play balanced low, mid, and high-range sounds to hear music to the fullest. We recommend brands like Klipsch, Meridian, Triad, and the Sony ES Series for the best experience.  

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