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Football season is upon us, which means millions of fans will funnel into 31 different NFL stadiums for the next several months.

For some fans, there’s nothing quiet like sitting on a hard bleacher, chugging their beverage of choice and cheering for their favorite team with thousands of other diehards. However, some NFL fans are looking for a more “plugged in” experience.

As technology advances, the game day event has already begun to radically change. For example, Super Bowl 50 was held at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, and it was easily one of the most connected football games to date. explains all of the possibilities available to the modern football fan:

Smartphone-enabled fans can connect to a system of wireless beacons from any seat in the stadium and order food for delivery; lazier ones can even check the bathroom line. With ApplePay mobile payment enabled, all a fan needs to enjoy the game is a smartphone and a ticket. And it doesn’t stop there. Fans can access in-stadium broadcasts from their phones. Every seat in the house can pull up replays, shot from four different camera angles, and question the refs seconds after the whistle is blown.

Attendance at NFL games has actually dropped by a couple of million in recent years because fans are beginning to prefer to sit at home with all of their technology and conveniences to watch football. In order to keep up with in-home technology, many football stadiums are doing massive redesigns or starting over completely to create stadiums that are connected to resemble a machine rather than just a building.

Fans are now much more apt to be engaged with their smart phones and social media while watching the game. Because of this growing trend, Levi’s Stadium and others have added massive Wi-Fi networks, data command centers, and even bigger screens around the stadium to create a unique experience that can’t be felt at home.

Technology has become an important part of every facet of life, including the world of professional sports. Finding commercial AV solutions to keep fans engaged is crucial in order to keep the stadiums full on game day.

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