Does your technology not working put you on the ledge? Ready to jump? Your day has now been disrupted and you need to find calm in the technology service storm.  Just when you least expect an issue to pop up, you can expect it.

There are hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of different products and they all need to play nice in the sandbox. There are dozens of services being used simultaneously with all these wonderful products. One of the products or services acts up and your entire system could be down just when you need it the most.

I had lunch with a client this week. She gave our team kudos for having the ability to keep her “off the ledge” when the technology went haywire, whether from product, internet or Wi-Fi issues or just plain bad hair day.

Customer service in the technology arena is all about trust and the emotional experience. You want your phone to work when you need it to work. You want your internet to supply the bandwidth at the time you need it. Products fail when you least expect it. How do you have a calm and controlled experience with all these variables? It’s more than the products we install.

We depend so heavily on technology, we forgot what it was like without it. Do you remember the mobile phone with a cord? Technology has become as important as water hydrating our bodies. We need it, thrive for it and can’t live without it. So how do you keep your sanity?

It’s all about the people and the comfort of support. It’s not really about the equipment. We install equipment. We support the experience. Technical training is important but more important are the soft skills your employees need in the face of technology disasters. Can you keep your clients off the ledge? Very proud of our team in working with our clients and getting feedback like today. Just staying calm and helping our clients. We are here for you. Let Texadia Systems support your experience with a Continuity of Service Agreement. We are here to keep you off the ledge.