choosing AV for conference rooms

If you walk into a business meeting and the guy in charge of AV comes in pushing a cart with an oversized and outdated overhead projector, you’ll probably want to turn and walk back out (as you should).

A company’s approach to technology and innovation is a huge part of their overall image.

The appearance of your conference room and the AV capabilities it has are what will either draw people in or make them run to the next competitor.

Why is technology important? Mainly because a conference room is often the main part of a business a potential client or partner will see.

How do you give them a good impression? Here are three must-have commercial AV solutions for your modern conference room.

1. Ultra High-Definition (4K) TV

There are some things you can scrimp on, but a high-quality TV isn’t one of them. The good news is that 4K TVs have become much more affordable in the past year or two, so buying one is not nearly as painful. Companies like Insignia and Vizio have brought the price down from several thousand to between $450 and $800, depending on size.

What makes 4K so special? For starters, it has roughly four times the number of pixels as 1080p screens. Not everything has the capability to play in 4K format yet, but that is quickly changing, and you’ll want to be ready when it does.

2. Projector

You just told me to buy a big screen TV…you want me to buy a projector too?

That’s right. If you have a larger conference room or have big groups of people meeting together often, you will probably want to have both. Only so many people can see a TV, so a projector can be helpful for a larger audience.

4K projectors exist, but they’re still astronomically expensive, so you may want to go with something more affordable like a Sony or Epson LCD projector.

To learn more, check out these projector reviews from PC magazine.

3. Speakers

Good sound is important for a lot of reasons. If you can’t hear a presentation, video, or individual who is video conferencing, it can severely limit productivity and create a lot of unnecessary frustration. High-quality speakers are a must for any conference room, so consider a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted system to disperse the sound evenly and clearly.

There are a lot of big decisions when it comes to conference room AV technology, so let our expert AV technicians help. At Texadia Systems, we want to help you find the right commercial AV solutions for your business and give you the ongoing support you need to make sure your presentations and video conferences are a success!