Classroom with desktop computers: Texadia Commerical AV blog

In today’s society, it’s important for classrooms to be connected to the online world in order for students to benefit from learning opportunities available outside of a textbook. Teachers also benefit greatly because they have endless resources at their fingertips.

What makes up a winning connected classroom? Here are 3 key components:

  1. Superior Technology and Reliable Internet

    In order to successfully integrate technology into a classroom learning experience, you have to make sure the technology is reliable and seamless.

    The age of overhead projectors is out, and high-definition screens are in. Whether you’re studying cells in biology class or video conferencing with a guest speaker, you want to make sure you have high quality equipment that’ll give you HD resolution.

    You also want to ensure the connection is solid. If you have an internet connection that’s constantly cutting in and out, students can get distracted and frustrated, which won’t make for an effective learning environment.


  1. Mobile Capabilities

    Cell phones are an integral part of life. They help us stay connected and can actually aid in learning. An article from eSchool News explains:

    When students have access to a mobile device all day, they are more engaged and are able to absorb more information. Increased technology use also gives students some of the skills they’ll need to be successful in college and the workforce.

    Creating support like access to learning videos and lesson notes via smartphone can empower students to learn more effectively.


  1. Collaboration and Support

    In order to truly have success with staying connected, you need to have open collaboration with and support from an audiovisual company that can evaluate and accommodate your school’s needs.

    Texadia System’s design and integration experts can work with you to create high-quality audiovisual solutions for your business or organization. We also provide ongoing support that’s available 24/7.

    Contact one of our experienced service technicians today to discuss how Texadia can help you get your workplace connected.