Newline’s TRUTouch X Series interactive display

(Photo courtesy of Newline)

Commercial AV technology changes rapidly and so do collaboration tools. Having the right, easy to use, meeting collaboration tools at your fingertips is very important to your business. That said, Texadia Systems has many great solutions to offer.

One of these is Newline’s TRUTouch X Series…

About Newline’s TRUTouch X Series

Newline’s TRUTouch X Series is an interactive display that allows you to collaborate with video, voice, data – and doubles as a whiteboard. The X Series uses Newline’s TRUFlat screen technology for a sleek look with the most comfortable touch writing experience available on a whiteboard.

Some key benefits of TRUTouch X Series are:

  • You can use the unified collaboration software of your choice. You can also use the software you have already and can upgrade or change software at any time
  • Two 1080p wide angle cameras – one camera at top and one camera at the bottom – allow you be seen from anywhere in the room
  • Four noise reduction and echo cancelling microphones allow clear audio
  • Can be used internally and externally by guests without sacrificing security
  • Easy to use interface
  • Excellent touch writing experience on the whiteboard

Why Newline’s TRUTouch X Series is Better

Newline’s TRUTouch X Series is a less expensive alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Hub. In addition, there is no need to change software or worry about losing one of Microsoft’s proprietary pens that are needed to use the Surface Hub.

Another great feature of the TRUTouch X Series is that it does not require a monthly subscription. Although, the Cisco Spark Board is lower in price than the the Surface Hub, the Cisco Spark Board requires a $199 per month subscription fee to access the whiteboard’s full features. This cost can really add up over time.

Not sure what the right interactive display is for your meeting space? Contact Texadia Systems today to discuss your options.