video wall installation problems

Video walls are popping up everywhere. They can range in size from fairly small (like the new fast food menu panels) to quite massive (like something you’d see in Time Square).

While installing a bunch of screens on a wall may not seem all that difficult, there can be quite a few challenges that arise.

Here are three common difficulties of creating an effective video wall:

1. Walls are not completely flat.

When you’re looking at a wall, you’d probably agree that it looks flat. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. Any professional AV installer will readily admit that no wall is completely flat. Since this is true, you have to find ways to correct it with various mounting solutions. This can be difficult enough with just one big screen, but it gets really hairy if you’re dealing with an entire wall of screens.

2. A lot of hardware.

TVs generally have multiple cables connected to them. So, again, if you have a whole wall of screens that each have multiple cables, things can get messy in a hurry. You also have to factor in all of the mounting equipment, energy and hardware required to run the screens. Luckily, there are some options like wireless receivers and utilizing one network to control the entire video wall that can cut down on the mess.

3. Looking good without breaking the budget… or the screens.

It’s a big challenge with any type of technology to stay within a budget. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to install a video wall in a space that was not originally designed for that purpose. You also want to make sure you’re not cutting too many corners and end up with an unsafe structure – and a possible lawsuit.

Time to Contact an AV Professional

These challenges (and others not mentioned) make this particular project one that’s best left to a professional AV installer.

At Texadia Systems, we specialize in creating effective and dynamic digital signage solutions. Talk with one of our AV technicians to determine what solutions would best fit your needs.