business video conference: Texadia Commercial AV blog

Adding a video conferencing system to your business may be the single most valuable tool you ever use.

Live video conferencing is a much more effective and personable way to communicate, rather than having all of your conversations with employees or customers over the phone or in an email. Below we’ve listed three main reasons why it’s something you should consider, but this list is only just a start.

Reason #1: Improved Communication

A good portion of the population is full of visual learners, and many times pictures or diagrams can make a huge difference in someone’s understanding. Often, explanations get lost in a phone call that could be easily explained if the person could see the concept you’re trying to get across.

Video conferencing allows you to share data and give visual aids to employees who are learning about new products or potential customers who need to see what you’re offering.

Body language and facial expressions are also a big part of communicating effectively – both of which are lost in phone calls and emails.

Reason #2: Better Collaboration and Team Building

Collaboration in a business is extremely important to how successful that business will be. Sharing knowledge between employees and making sure the same tasks aren’t being done multiple times are two key players in growing a business and having it run efficiently.

Relationships and feeling the sense of being a part of a bigger team are also important. Video conferencing allows employees to connect with each other on a more personal level and helps to empower them to work to their potential.

Reason #3: Step Ahead of the Competition

Video conferencing allows for your business sales to take off ahead of your competitors. One reason for this is that you’re able to build closer and better relationships with customers, which generally develops loyalty to your company and products.

Another reason is that you are able to share information faster. If you have new products to share, you can get all of your employees on the same page very quickly and also reach out to customers (or potential customers) with the information a lot faster than phone calls.

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