What keeps you up at night?  For me it’s all about the people.   Are we building a platform for our employees that truly works towards a healthy quality of life?  In and out of work?  The demands on business and customer service requirements will never go away or change.  We all want to deliver exceptional customer service at all times.  So what’s the price to the business, the team and our clients?

So many thoughts are pushed towards, “we have to build a culture”.  A culture happens – Good or Bad.   Yes you can spend thousands of dollars on trying to “build” a culture.   Why not start with working towards a happy, healthy environment for our employees?  Why not focus on accountability with considering human factors?  Simple, how do employers/companies make sure teams have a good quality life balance?  And yes, keeping in mind the work has to get done while staying profitable.

What are the needs?  What does everyone want?  We want low stress and high rewards.  We want to achieve more, see more, do more, and live more than we did the day before.

We all grow up.  We all have responsibilities and we all want more, better and different for our children than our parents could give us.  Life does repeat itself and stress will always be there.  Some stress is exciting and fun.  Most of us like the adrenalin that stress brings, good or bad.  It invigorates us individually, as a team and as a family.  The people behind the working walls really aren’t that different within each organization.  We all keep adapting to different pressures whether in our day to day work life or at home.  The world will not stop changing and throwing “life” in the way.  We have to change to the world.  It’s a personal choice how we each handle and deal with life stress.

So how do we keep quality of life balance in an ever changing world for the people that help make us successful?

We live in a world of opportunity to share ideas more openly than ever before.  Those ideas lead to faster change, more efficient “everything” and a sense of growing accomplishment in all aspects of life.  We have choices, voices and actions that create change every day.

Make sure our employees feel they have a choice, a voice and can help create change.  Silence is not golden.  This resonates in work and outside of the daily grind.  Expectations are higher for customer service than ever before.   We all expect more for less.  Even in our personal lives, like a night out on the town, clothes shopping, grocery shopping, technology functionality and the list goes on.  We have to run ourselves and our teams smarter than ever before to get more done in less time.  Our employees can and will help run our companies successfully if we care about the bigger picture to include “life”.  It’s only right for leadership to see and have a pulse on that balance.   Just think about it…as leaders we are employees to the company just like the rest of the team and our own life balance matters as well.  If you want it for yourself, your teams probably want it also.

The days are gone on the simple 40 hour work week.   People can’t just disconnect at the end of the day and get away…WHY?  Because they love the engagement, the technology, the always being in touch.  And this moves effortlessly from work to personal life.  We are all engaged with both aspects all day long.  There’s a technology courting that takes place between the owner and their devices, whatever that device might be.  Crazy hard to break that relationship.  Even if there is a mirage of work flexibility it still comes to “bringing work home”.  We all do it.  “Quality of Life” instantly changes when those devices are on 24/7.

Help and encourage your employees to disconnect.  Be sure you also take the time to disconnect.  Respect time off and PTO and allow your employees to totally disengage.  Cross train and be prepared so you don’t have to call employees while they are recharging.

How do we make this shift successfully to build a healthy environment for our employees and still have accountability, success and a profitable company?

It’s bringing like minds, attitudes and desires together.  Knowing when to engage and interface with the team members directly when you see negativity, stress or a team member not taking the time to slow down.  We all appreciate the “doer” that never stops.  The “rock star” that never says no.  We have to sometimes say – STOP.

Simple things, simple gestures, simple acknowledgment goes a long way to creating a team that has the right attitude and along with it leadership that believes in a life balance we all need.  Giving your team the ability to share their thoughts and help create positive change not just follow the status quo.

We have all experienced different cultures in the work environment.   Some good and some bad. The people that succeeded or stayed apart of the team had the right attitude regardless of the culture.  And those people recognized and live towards the work balance that suits them personally.  Build a team of like-minded people.  Not every peg fits in every hole.  The realization is we all have good and bad days but in the end we stick together and it will all work out because we respect each other’s balance, responsibility and moving towards a common goal.

It doesn’t matter how “nice” you are as a leader, you can’t just change everyone to share your vision.  What you can change is showing everyone that like minds succeed together and life is important.  Steve Burke, President of Texadia Systems, says we all have to be paddling in the same direction.”  I could not agree more.    If someone is paddling backwards, help them find a new boat.  Doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, good or bad.  So you might as well help someone do something that will make their quality of life better on a different path.  Even if it’s not on your team.   Respect life and know quality of life is different for each individual.

We merely focus on what is best for our employees…the customer and the company.  We listen and encourage feedback.  There are many helping us row the boat and make a huge contribution to our success.  And that helps us “paddle in the same direction” every day.

We are proud of our teams and the open communication they share with us.  As we grow, we are looking for those “like-minded” team players that want a little more quality of life while helping us deliver rock solid customer service.  A two way dedication team environment. 

Here’s what our employees are saying about Texadia Systems…Come be a part of our team.  We have extra “paddles” for those wanting to help steer the ship to success.

Ben – “I like and get along with every employee. Everyone is always ready and willing to help no matter the situation”

Brian – “The thing I like most about Texadia is being part of the team feels like being part of a family.  Everyone is warm and friendly. It really feels like people care about what they’re doing and everybody seems to have each other’s back. It also seems like we’re all working together for a common goal”

James – “What I like most about being a part of the Texadia Team and Company is the emphasis in the integrity and quality of our workmanship to our clients. The importance in customer service is what sets our organization apart from the competition.

Tony – “I love being part of the Texadia team because everyone from the top and down has passion for this industry and really cares about the people and product that we service”

Luz – “The best part of being part of the Texadia Team is the feeling of being a family. Everyone knows each other well and if a personal issues arise, the support is there.  We all want every employee to succeed professionally as well as personally.

Please feel free to reach out to learn more about the Texadia Team – Call 214-956-5820.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/work-stress-life-quality-balance-dawna-payne