Texadia Systems joins HTSA

Texadia Systems is proud to announce our recent acceptance as a member of the HTSA (Home Technology Specialist of America). HTSA is a well-respected group of technology specialty retailers and custom integrators that work together sharing their knowledge in the field and growing their businesses together.

HTSA selects only the highest performing and most highly-regarded custom integrators to be part of their organization. Being part of the HSTA will now give the Texadia Systems team exclusive access to programs, training and resources from our vendors that will enable us to provide even better service to our customers in Dallas and throughout the country.

HTSA was founded in 1996 and it’s the oldest organization in the field. HTSA was founded as a leadership think-tank for consumer electronics retailers. The organization’s goal was to establish the best practices in the industry.

Today, HTSA remains the only member-owned group in the industry.

Texadia Systems is excited to be a part of this exclusive group because it will equip us with more tools to provide our customers with an even better experience.

Are you in need of a custom high-performing commercial A/V system or high-end home automation system?

Today’s technology requires a specialist who knows what they’re doing. At Texadia Systems, we have the in-depth knowledge, experience and tools to create the commercial or residential space of your dreams. We do everything from designing, installing and integrating to providing support and service once your A/V systems are installed.

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