Thank You Kramer for a great easy to use, easy to demo and reliable real live demo for our client and their end users.

The best thing about collaborating with partner manufacturers and clients together is an opportunity to really showcase how products can work in the end users environment.  We had a great experience with Andres Garcia at Kramer and one of our client partners.  We had Kramer come in for ½ a day and allow all the end users to touch and experience the products live in their facility.  The outcome was phenomenal.  Every department had different questions, concerns and uses for the VIA product.  It could not have gone better and really showcased this incredible product throughout different business units.

Integrators have to worry about learning 100’s of products and the different manufacturers that may supply the same or similar product solutions.   We can’t be the “expert” without great manufacturer partnerships.  The amount of data and learning curve is incredible with technology changing so quickly.  We can’t thank Kramer enough for directly partnering with us onsite at the client location.  The plus of Andres, as the manufacturer rep, available was the in depth expertise.  It took all the questions needing answered later to answered onsite in live time.

Kramer’s VIA Collage and Connect PRO met the challenges of each department within the client’s organization and gave the “easy” WOW factor providing an effective collaboration experience with minimal set-up in BYOD-driven large and small meeting spaces. As powerful wireless solutions, VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO allow multiple participants to work efficiently on shared content in real time. VIA’s easy-to-use interface, collaborative  features, enhanced data security, and full frame rate  1080p60 fps streaming video ensure that you’re meeting smarter in boardrooms, conference rooms,  huddle spaces, and classrooms.

It doesn’t matter what other manufacturers you have in your technology solution, VIA will compliment it easily both installation, end user experience and long term maintenance.  We are excited about VIA in 14 rooms throughout our client’s facility being used by all internal departments.  Ease and simplicity at its best.

Our clients can focus on easy collaborative work, not technology.  VIA’s intuitive user-friendly interface works on any BYOD platform and has been designed for ease of use and minimal training for the everyday user.

Protect your content (Collaborate) in a secure environment with industry-leading 1024-bit data encryption, dynamic room codes, and peace of mind.

When a client can see first-hand that multiple users can edit a single document in real time, annotate on any file with a whiteboard feature, share any size file, chat with other participants, and stream full frame rate HD (1080p60) video there is no question on what they are going to receive once installation time comes.  Let’s not forget collaborate remotely using 3rd party apps, such as Skype®, GoogleTalk®, Scopia®, GoToMeeting®, and WebEx®.

If you haven’t seen it in action or want to know more about the VIA Product.  Please contact us.  We’d be happy to give you and all your internal stakeholders personalized time to use this product in your environment live.  It’s amazing to see, watch and change your day to day work life experience.  Give it a try.  Seeing is believing.

Dawna Payne


Executive Vice President


Please feel free to reach out to learn more about the Texadia Team – Call 214-956-5820.