Protect Your Electronics with Surge Protection & Power Conditioned Outputs  

If you’ve invested in a luxury home theater, smart home technology, and other electronics, you want them to last forever. So, there’s nothing worse than, after a year or so, watching your devices lose steam and start to malfunction. You might wonder, Do manufacturers purposefully make equipment quit so soon?  

Indeed, a lot of electronics aren’t well-made. But high-quality brands like Control4, Crestron, McIntosh, Klipsch, and Sony, for example, should last. It may not be your equipment causing problems, but instead, your power supply.   

How can electricity cause issues? Well, there’s such a thing as ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ power, and if you’re experiencing surges and noise, it could be damaging your technology.  

Luckily, energy control solutions can significantly extend your devices’ lifespans. Below, we share tried-and-true solutions that we can apply to your McKinney, TX home. And if you’d like to learn more about home technology, sign up for our monthly newsletter here! 

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What Is ‘Dirty Power’?  

Believe it or not, not all electricity is the same. What we call ‘dirty power’ will have surges, distortions, and sags in the electric sine waves. Those disturbances are called noise, and your electrical system might experience noise when there are too many digital loads on it. Likewise, if more power is delivered to a system than is expected, your technology will malfunction. And when the electrical grid can’t supply your neighborhood’s demands, this will also cause surges and noise.  

Signs of Dirty Power  

If you’ve ever seen the lights flicker, noticed heat coming off your equipment, or heard vibrations, those are signs of dirty power. Dirty power can lead to poor network communications and higher COemissions and will tamper with your technology’s performance.  

How Energy Control Can Help  

Luckily, there’s a fix to provide clean power to your home. A system like the Rosewater HUB SB20 not only stores energy from solar panels but also includes power conditioned outputs to protect your electronics’ performance. Its uninterruptable power supply will help your devices ride out power failures, and it offers surge protection to prevent damage from dirty power.  

If you don’t want or need energy storage, SurgeX’s rack-mount can provide surge protection and power conditioning to your equipment rack. We’ll install it right alongside your home theater, smart home, or security controllers. SurgeX’s battery backup will also ensure your equipment shuts down safely in an outage. Improper shutdowns are another leading cause of technology breakdowns.   

To find Rosewater, SurgeX, and other energy control solutions in the McKinney, TX area, look no further than Texadia Systems. We can implement an energy control system that will protect your home devices from now on. Contact us here or chat with our staff below to get started.