Student using tablet in classroom: Texadia blog

    The classroom environment today looks vastly different from what you experienced even as few as 5 years ago. This change is primarily due to the amount of technology and online learning approaches to which schools now have access. Here are just a few of the technology opportunities available to schools today.

    Wave 2 WI-FI

    The next big thing in terms of WI-FI connection is Wave 2 WI-FI. It is a faster version of 802.11ac WI-FI with stronger connectivity. It’s such an improvement that several universities have decided to change over their entire networks. Other educational institutions are installing Wave 2 WI-FI in strategic areas like classrooms and places where students gather. The only downfall, however, is that the real potential of Wave 2 WI-FI won’t be achievable until tech manufacturers (for laptops, smartphones and tablets) are able to catch up.


    Teaching via touchscreens has been used for years now with great success. Now, users are asking for more sophisticated technology to expand learning. Insert Mondopad 2.0. This tool allows colleges and universities to use a regular Windows app (one that’s been in circulation for years) to allow videoconferencing via any conferencing service. What’s better is that Mondopad 2.0 allows users to bring their own device (BYOD) to receive the information.

    Guest Speakers Made Easy

    Even with the best teachers in the classroom, it is always important to bring in specialists who can offer firsthand experience in their field. Technologies, like videoconferencing, allow teachers and professors to invite guest speakers from around the world into their classrooms. This is especially helpful in cases where students interested in a specific subject are scattered and/or there are a limited number of professionals in the field.

    High Tech Viewing

    The way educators are displaying information for their students is also evolving. The whiteboards of yesterday are being retired in favor of high-tech screens, lampless projectors and flat-panel displays which are becoming increasingly high-res and thinner.

    There’s no denying that technology is an amazing aspect of modern society. Not only are new devices fun to use, but they can also help boost our educational system. At Texadia Systems, we pride ourselves on being able to help provide the foundation for some of these technologies.