spotlight on Shure Microphones

At Texadia Systems, we choose to partner with the best AV equipment providers and manufacturers in the industry for both commercial and residential AV solutions. Today, we’ll be highlighting one of our partners: Shure Microphones.

Shure Microphones has been in the microphone business since 1925 and they provide a variety of products and services related to audio technology, including ceiling mics for audio and visual conferencing systems.

Shure’s History

Shure Microphones began in 1925 as the Shure Radio Company in Chicago. It began as a one-man company selling radio parts and kits. By 1928, the company had more than 75 employees; however, the Great Depression lessened the need for radio parts. Because of this, Shure began developing its own microphones.

Several innovations ultimately led to a contract with the United States armed forces during World War II, a 2003 GRAMMY award and expanding business across numerous countries and continents. Shure continues the tradition and dedication to quality audio equipment today.

Shure’s A/V Products

Shure Microphones doesn’t only produce microphones. In fact, there are several audio equipment products from Shure to choose from. These include advanced microphones, wireless systems, earphones and headphones, software and various other accessories to meet every professional audio need.

Shure’s latest conferencing microphones are becoming very popular corporate A/V solutions for our commercial customers right now. Microflex® AdvanceCeiling and Table Array Microphones combine groundbreaking audio capturing technology with seamless integration so that a conference room’s aesthetics are not impacted by function. Shure calls this product “unmatched invisible audio for elite AV conferencing environments.”

We are proud to offer Shure Microphones’ professional audio equipment – including Microflex Advance Ceiling/Table mics – to help your business thrive. Our team of experts will help you decide which AV solutions and products are best for your business or residence. Contact us today for a consultation.