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When contractors are building a home, their job is to make sure everything is connected the way it should be. For example, they check to see that the plumbing and HVAC ductwork are done right so that the new owners are satisfied.

One thing that is often overlooked, though, is the audio and video system options as the house is being built. If seamless sound and video are important to you, the best time to incorporate those things into your home is when it’s being built or renovated.

Let’s face it, though, most of us live in a house that’s already built and aren’t planning to do a major gutting any time soon. So what type of whole-house AV system is right for you? Let’s look at some options.

Wireless AV System

Wireless is becoming extremely popular because of the convenience of not dealing with messy wires sticking out of every piece of equipment you own. That can make even the neatest home look messy. Wireless AV systems are also simple to install and can easily be taken with you if you decide to move.

Wired AV System

Wired AV systems also have their advantages. The quality of your audio and video can be more stable than a wireless system because there is less interference and less possibility of lost connections. The downside is if you’re not building or renovating, you have to find a way to run wires behind your walls and ceilings. To make sure it’s done right, you’ll want to have a professional audiovisual technician retrofit the wiring.

Hybrid System

The best option may be a combination of the two. Hybrid systems have wireless components that connect to wired speakers and TVs, which allows for the convenience of a wireless system, but provides more stability for audio and video streaming.

All of these options are great AV solutions, but determining the best for your home depends on your needs and desires. Questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you decide such things are:

  • What do I want my system to do?
  • Do I want different music to play in each room or for the same music to stream to every room in the house?
  • Do I want to be able to control my AV system from my phone or other smart device?
  • How many and what kind of speakers do I want in each room?

The choices can be overwhelming, so bring your questions to an experienced AV technician at Texadia Systems. We can help you find the right AV solutions for your home or business.