It’s spring break and the kids are home. You’ve planned on a great staycation—streaming music while having dinner outside, catching up on your favorite series, having family movie nights, and even wowing the kids with your gaming skills.

But on the first Saturday morning, before the bacon even has a chance to fry, the power flickers and you’ve got more than just a startled, barking dog on your hands—your home technology is out of whack. “OK, I can fix this,” you tell the family. “I’ll start by calling … um …” Where do I start?

Your home technology system is a complex web of components: at least one network (if not separate services for TV and internet), gaming devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and the list goes on. If one thing causes change, such as a power issue, a firmware update, old batteries, or a button-mashing toddler, the system might need attention.

Your smart home has the potential to outsmart you if you don’t have the right partnership with your AV and Technology provider. Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is continuity of service important to you? You don’t have to be a technician, but it’s good to have one to help you solve problems, train and educate you on your system, and help you ask clarifying questions so repairs take less time. Not everyone is a mechanic, but every driver should know how to use the steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes, leaving the repair and troubleshooting to the experts. How can your technology company help you help yourself?
  2. What could go wrong? Some common possibilities are product failure, network or technical issues, environmental issues like storms or power outages, and the most unpredictable issue, human error. Yes, someone in your home may accidentally unplug or change a setting.
  3. In the event something does go wrong, what should I do? You have options. One of them is to not have a plan and wing it (not recommended, unless you love stress). Another is to think ahead and emergency-proof your AV system with a Continuity of Service agreement (COS).

Why get an agreement? Think of getting behind the wheel; you’d ask, “How am I protected?” The automobile is a complex piece of technology and engineering, a significant financial investment, and requires human operation. Your AV system is, too. Responsible owners keep up with their maintenance schedule to prevent issues on cars, pools and other home equipment. These also have extended services and insurance for when issues arise.

The right AV support plan for your system can be the difference between enjoying spring break with your family, or spending the whole week (maybe more) making various service calls, waiting for technicians to come by, messing with cables, and of course, breaking up arguments among bored kids in between.

Instead of scrambling to find a starting point, a COS plan gives you strong options to get you up and back to normal in a timely fashion.

  • The first contact is tech support, speaking to an experienced service technician who can walk you through the issue, and oftentimes, get you up and running again quickly.
  • Remote support is an enormously convenient option to check on your system remotely and find out where the issues are with the ability to reset your system and power cycle if needed.
  • If it’s an issue with a manufacturer of a particular component, your support representative can help with the warranty processing.
  • Trained technicians can support onsite when needed.

Extending your service plan beyond the initial installation can save you time and money by giving you priority status, reducing service calls (often through remote support means) and advising on preventive services; leaving your sanity intact, allowing you the staycation time you really wanted to enjoy.

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