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There’s a lot of discussion right now around the smart home, and how smart is too smart and when it comes to creating a home automation solution that gives you more peace of mind and less angst.

Enjoy this recent panel discussion from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which tackles this topic from different perspectives:

Why ‘Smart’ Homes Are Creeping Out Consumers

Some people are worried about the consequences of hooking up everything in their home to the Internet. Here’s why.

Just because companies are making it possible to hook up increasingly more devices in the home to the Internet, doesn’t mean that’s what consumers want.

Following the success of the smart thermostat that Internet of Things company Nest Labs introduced in 2011, a barrage of smart home products hit the market–think, smart blenders and smart toothbrushes. The problem is that many have failed to gain traction with consumers. A survey of 28,000 people in 28 countries released by consulting firm Accenture this week found that just 9 percent of respondents planned to buy connected devices in 2016, roughly the same percentage as a 2014 survey.

During a panel discussion at Las Vegas tech trade show CES this week, a group of consumer technology experts discussed some of the challenges facing smart home products. One theory put forward is that optimizing energy usage and climate control with a smart thermostat is simply far more useful than the majority of services offered by other connected devices.

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