residential av company secrets

You’ve read the reviews, selected a dealer, and spent good money to have a great system installed in your home.

You’re excited to finally be able to open your driveway gate or unlock your door for visitors from miles away.

Playing music? As simple as pushing a button on the wall.

And if you have kids at home, the idea of getting an alert when they get home from school is the extra piece of mind you wonder how you ever lived without.

But, what if one day something didn’t work like it did when it was first installed?

What if a visitor couldn’t get into the house? Or if you can’t get your playlist to come through your speakers right before everybody gets to the house for that neighborhood party you’ve been planning for weeks?

The two most overlooked areas by many AV companies—and homeowners—are service and maintenance.

We know what you’re thinking:

I’ve spent all this money on an awesome smart home system and it’s still going to have problems? 

Unfortunately, yes. As AV experts, we’d be doing you a huge disservice to tell you otherwise, although this is the part that many in the AV industry tend to skip over.

While Texadia Systems uses only the very best equipment and industry best standards, in the end all electronic devices have the possibility to fail. And the more complex the system, the greater the possibility that at some point something will malfunction.

So what can you do to have the best smart home experience possible?

Commit to proactive maintenance. Your AC system needs it, your pool needs it, and the same goes for your smart home.

A service agreement enables your AV provider to catch potential problems before they negatively impact your day-to-day life.

At Texadia, we provide scheduled maintenance as part of a Continuity of Service Maintenance Agreement which enables us to touch every aspect of your system to make sure it’s all working as it’s supposed to. We check for problems such as over-heating of equipment and provide real-time solutions in the field before they become problems that disrupt your day to day life.

The end result? Peace of mind.

But it’s still going to break.

Even with proactive maintenance, something could still go wrong.

That’s why as part of the Continuity of Service Maintenance Agreement, we make sure we hire only the best, trained technicians capable of quickly troubleshooting problems and providing the very best on-site support to get you up and running quickly.

But here’s the best part:

Our service agreement also includes the best remote management in the industry. Using remote management we can fix most problems without inconveniencing you with an on-site visit.

We can remotely reboot a device that locked up after a power event. We can remotely troubleshoot Wi-Fi and internet problems. We can proactively monitor, report, and fix issues before even you notice a problem.

How good is that?!

In the end, we strive to be the best at everything we do—and that means we’re crazy about customer service too.