David SmallTexadia is excited not only about the wonderful growth and opportunities but the resources we have joining our team.  David Brickey is a new addition that will bring great success to the delivery of solutions to our clients.  David will be installing and leading technical teams onsite for our projects daily.  Along with his technical abilities, our client’s will have the pleasure of experiencing great face to face customer service and interfacing directly with David during their projects.

David comes to us with many years of technology experience.  Part of his career span of 15 years was in manufacturing which not only educated him on the importance of accuracy and process but leadership and teamwork.   

Sometimes in life we learn more from a person or situation rather than school and education, which in turn has a lifelong impact.  David attributes a large part of his career success to a mentor in his life.  Calvin Shaw, football player at the time for University of Arkansas had the training to share, learn and grow as a team.  He took that knowledge and saw something special in David.  He mentored and coached David throughout his career helping drive David’s success.  They are also now more than mentor/protégé but friends.

Even though his career has brought him immense satisfaction, David believes his children are his greatest success.  His son, David Jr 16 yrs. old, and daughter, Aailiyah 14 years old, are his biggest supporters in life.  Its clear family is important as well as the extended family of 2 Yorkipoo’s, Champ and Mercy.    

David loves everything basketball. Playing, watching and his favorite icon, following LeBron James.  His love for sports does not end there.  He and his wife enjoy watching football together.  His wonderful wife has been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for years so David joined the band wagon and supports her team during football season. 

We know David will be successful and fit right in with the team.  His passion and dedication are strong marks of the customer service and technical skills he brings to the table.  His love for and ability to adapt to the ever changing AV technology will help keep him abreast of changes in the industry.  He accredits his hard work ethic to his dad who worked hard as an auto mechanic supporting 10 children.  David himself moved from Arkansas to Texas to give his children better schooling and opportunities for his professional development.

We welcome David to the Texadia Family and look forward to not only his personal success but the 5-star customer service our clients will receive.