The Ins & Outs of A Multi-Room Speaker System

Have you experienced a whole home audio system before? Just like a restaurant or shopping mall can play the same musical content across multiple rooms, so can your house. Managed from a single system like Control4 on your favorite device, you can adjust the volume, skip tracks, and select different media for every room. Perfect for hosting parties or listening to a podcast while you walk across the house, music enjoyment is now possible in every area.

But how does the technology work? We’ll highlight three ways we can install a whole home audio system in your Dallas, TX, house below.

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With a Receiver

What is a receiver? It’s a device that amplifies your audio and organizes media sources, like your CD player, Blu Ray player, or cable TV. A/V equipment connects to a receiver to transfer sound to speakers. If you own a home theater or home audio setup, the receiver you already use is more than capable of creating a multi-room audio environment.

Many receivers have built-in multi-zone and multi-source features so that each room can listen to different or the same audio simultaneously. Using the speaker B switch, you’ll add a second set of speakers and run wires to the next rooms. A professional can install cables inside your walls with elegant in-wall or in-ceiling speakers for a clean aesthetic. A significant benefit of a traditional receiver is the ability to choose from infinite media sources, from turntables and CDs to smartphones and streaming.

Over a Wired Home Network

If your home is already equipped with computer network wiring, you’re already steps ahead. Running wires through the walls is one of the most trying and expensive parts of a whole-home audio system. With the right conversion devices, your network wiring with CAT-5e or CAT-6 cables can distribute line-level analog and digital audio (and video also, depending on distances) to multiple zones in your home, so you’ll enjoy your favorite tunes in every corner.

Over Wi-Fi

If you don’t own a pre-wired home network and you are not interested in retrofitting, there’s another option: go wireless! Wireless speaker technology has improved vastly over recent years and generally offers a simple setup. Manufacturers like Klipsch and Sonos make it easy to assemble loudspeakers and subwoofers that connect over Wi-Fi and are controlled from an app. Or you can go with a custom Control4 multi-room audio system and built-in speakers throughout your property, which can work over wired and wireless networks.

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