Find the Best Cameras for 24/7 Peace of Mind  

There’s lots of advice out there about home security cameras: Don’t install cameras too low to the ground. Make sure you cover all entrances and corners of the house. Set up enough cameras for different viewing angles.  

But what types of security cameras should you use at home? Not all cameras are built alike, and the ones you choose could affect your system’s performance.    

Read on to learn the strengths of various camera types to help decide which are best for your smart security system. We’re a home technology installer based in the University Park, TX area, and if you’d like to learn more, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here 

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Box Cameras  

Box cameras are usually rectangular shaped with a protruding camera lens. They might not be the most discreet security cameras, but box cameras allow for the most customization. You can change the weather protection, lens, camera resolution, video signal type, and more. Box cameras are the easiest to fix and upgrade and usually outlast bullet and dome cameras, making them ideal for wide-scale installations.  

Dome Cameras  

Dome cameras are probably the most aesthetically pleasing option and are the best choice for ceiling installations. The vandal-resistant casing makes dome cameras the safest for easy-to-reach areas, as they protect against tampering. Dome cameras also offer a wider field of view, so they’re best to cover general areas rather than pinpoint specific locations.  

Bullet Cameras  

Bullet cameras are typically cylindrical with a “visor” or lip over the camera lens to help with glare and weather. Bullet cameras are best for wall mounts and are excellent for adding coverage to corners. They’re typically the easiest to mount and aim and are popular for large installations for that reason.  

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras  

Pan, Tilt, Zoom, also known as PTZ cameras, can move to follow and focus on areas of interest. You can control a PTZ camera’s movements with a joystick or automatically through intelligent software. PTZ cameras are the best models to survey a wide area and zoom in on subjects for more detail.  

Many home security installations include a mix of all types of cameras. Maybe you’ll use dome cameras on the porch roof, but a PTZ model by the garage and bullet cameras on the house’s corners.   

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