Smart Solutions for Productive Meetings and Fewer Hiccups

    Running a business is no walk in the park. Good leaders know that managing a company takes time, effort, and plenty of productive collaboration. Having a designated boardroom in your office for those important meetings lends itself to structured productivity, but that boardroom is only as good as the technology used to optimize the space.

    By upgrading your boardroom technology, you’ll conduct more efficient meetings, experience fewer operational hiccups, and celebrate better team collaboration. Want to incorporate those benefits into your Frisco, TX business? Just keep reading to learn how.

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    Faster Meeting Times

    These days, meetings are more complex than a simple conversation around a table. Business leaders are putting technology to good use by incorporating tools like digital presentations, audio video distribution, conferencing systems, and more. With a touch-panel control system, you can manage all of the technology in your boardroom from a single interface, ensuring faster meeting times and less hassle.

    Instead of entering your boardroom to turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, pull down the projection screen, turn on the video conferencing system, and power up your computer, imagine pressing just one button to enable all of those commands in seconds.

    We install and program integrated control systems that fit the exact needs of your boardroom setup so your meetings run more efficiently, and you no longer waste time operating all of the technologies.

    Fewer Operational Hiccups

    How often have you experienced interrupted meetings due to loss of internet connection or unreliable technology? It probably happens more often than you’d like, especially as an increase in smart devices weigh down your network.

    With robust, structured cabling, you will experience faster data transmission and improved product quality not only in your boardroom but throughout your entire office. Scalability will no longer be an issue as you continue to add connected devices to your network, and you can also rely on strong data security across all your technologies.

    We provide a wide variety of data and structured cable services, from ethernet and wi-fi networking to telecommunication, AV systems, and more. Our trusted structured cabling solutions can offer your boardroom a stronger backbone for better reliability, scalability, and efficiency across all your devices.

    Better Team Collaboration

    Active learning has become a preferred training method in businesses, replacing passive instruction techniques that don’t lend themselves to tangible connections. Improve your team’s collaboration and a sense of community with interactive displays that capture their attention.

    Interactive displays are a training tool which allow any user to directly control and change elements on the display during a brainstorming session or tutorial. Anyone can instantly add notes, highlight text, show images, make drawings, and more. You can then save any notes made during the session and store them as a common filetype to disperse to your teammates.

    Our team at Texadia Systems specializes in installing and servicing award-winning interactive displays and whiteboard systems from a variety of popular manufacturers. We can bring tangible teamwork to your boardroom and help empower your meetings.


    Ready to upgrade your boardroom for smoother day-to-day operations and improved meetings? We can help get you started right away. Just contact us here or send a chat below to talk to a Texadia Systems team member right now.