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Comprehensive Smart Home and Commercial Services in Dallas

Our staff is continually trained on the latest industry trends and products in order to deliver a wide variety of first-class services. Through our wide-reaching capabilities we offer technology solutions entirely tailored to your needs.


To create personalized technology solutions, we will take the time to understand what is important to you, the end users and your organization.  All of our projects begin with a thorough needs analysis and review of architectural drawings. After asking a variety of questions to ascertain your needs and performance expectations, we’ll advise you on the products and solutions that make the most sense for your business and lifestyle. We’ll cover your space room-by-room, in many cases doing a physical walk-through, to better understand specific technical requirements and how you would like to utilize each space, and the ways you could integrate technology for added efficiency and comfort.

Project Specification

Once we’ve undergone a needs analysis, we will document to include your specific budget and performance expectations. We will partner with best in class and top of the line manufacturers to design the best solution for your business or home.  The initial design proposal outlines the subsystems you want to include in your business environment or luxury space. We go in-depth to outline the features and functionality for each room when it comes to audio, video, lighting, and networking. For example, we’ll document specific audio requirements by room, Wi-Fi coverage needs and different video distribution options. 

Design & Engineering

We take the approved project specifications and interpret them with exacting detail to match all of the capabilities and functionality you expect. We will create technical drawings with Computed Aided Design (CAD) technology. Our operations team works with the design team to craft a comprehensive plan for all technicians and trade partners to follow. These include vital information on low-voltage wiring, equipment line drawings, looping and grouping of lighting loads, engineering schematics, rack elevations and other required specifications.

Lighting Design

The goal of a professional lighting design is to achieve the right lighting coverage and mood in each room and space throughout your Fort Worth, TX property. Whether a corporate environment or luxury home, it all starts with the initial needs intake to find out what activities lighting scenes you want to accomplish. Then it’s up to our experts to craft a layered lighting design by selecting the right fixtures and loads. Here’s an example: for an LED lighting installation, we’ll use LED ceiling panels in an open corporate environment or recessed LED fixtures for overhead lighting in a fixed ceiling, specific fixtures to illuminate boardroom conference tables, lobbies, entry ways or home spaces for accent lighting and down lighting in and around possible bars, cabinets or tables for specific tasks. We also take into consideration artwork, logos and specific sculptures that may need highlighted. We then group your fixtures within dedicated loads for greater control.

System Documentation

Extensive documentation in the form of CAD designs, SOW and project drawings results in a streamlined and transparent construction and installation process that lets us stay within schedule. This documentation serves as a vital tool for our technicians to use to ensure the end result includes all the capabilities and functionalities you wanted. Our project documentation will include all low-voltage wiring requirements, device locations, power specifications, rack elevations and schematic level engineering. We share this documentation with our clients, builders, general contractors, architects or designers involved in the process.

Project Management

Coordinating the completion of our commercial and smart home technology projects requires active project management from our staff to ensure protocols are met, design plans are followed and that any as-built documentation is updated whenever new work orders or changes occur. Since different groups may be working on security, AV and lighting subsystems separately it’s important to have a dedicated project manager in charge of bringing them all together. Our project managers oversee and communicate with our clients, technicians, contractors and subcontractors to ensure everyone is in sync and following the project design and staying within schedule.

Low Voltage Infrastructure and Cabling

Low-voltage wiring serves as the foundation behind all our integrated technology projects. As part of our project designs we integrate catagory cable, fiber and copper wiring needed to support any AV, security, networking, lighting and surveillance capabilities. Our wiring infrastructure accommodates all current system requirements and allows for technology upgrades in the future. Not only do we take great care to choose the appropriate wire for each application, but we meticulously organize our racks for easy maintenance, service and upgrades. Different solutions are available for new construction or retrofits of an existing space.

Project Implementation

After the engineering plans are complete, it’s time for the installation to take place. We start with the initial conduit, low-voltage wiring and enclosures. Then our team will install all equipment including displays, keypads and speakers as laid in the original plans. Our staff has multiple certifications needed to know the unique installation requirements for all our manufacturers. They follow the exact design approved by you or your team to deliver an intuitive and reliable system that matches your performance expectations.


No project is complete without the programming and system configuration needed to create a platform that brings all your technology together. Reliable programming serves as a universal language between your lighting, audio, video, security and more. Each one of our programmers goes through indepth and detailed training and certificaiton process that brings their technical expertise to create an effortless control experience via touch screens, keypads, remotes and smart devices. Every job is unique. We will tailor your system interfaces to match your project’s capabilities and desired functionality.


Our company prides itself on its commitment to excellence and embraces commissioning services for our commercial and high end residential projects that ensures the final project matches the approved SOW and design plans once construction is complete. Final quality audits are completed to ensure system programs are functioning effortlessly and responding to commands ,AV components are integrated successfully and operating per SOW requirements, lighting, automation, security, sensors function as planned. Though commissioning is primarily used for custom control system projects, there are also retro-commissioning and recommissioning options available when upgrading existing facilities.

Performance Calibration

Expert calibration is required to achieve the full potential of your audio equipment. Sound is a delicate balance of many settings, room environment and human interaction. We follow an established process using state-of-the-art testing/calibration equipment to find the ideal audio configuration for the room. Our solutions result in better sound and more accurate audio distribution. Relying on expert certifications, our technicians will also optimize your video performance by adjusting balance, contrast and sharpness to match your room requirements as well as your desired application and functionality. So, whether it’s for a home theater installation or media room design in your Dallas, TX living space, you’re always getting the best audiovisual performance every time you press play.

System Monitoring - Managed Services

We do not outsource our "after the install support".  We keep the same personal touch you received during your installation. Our technicians can actively monitor all your network and IP-connected devices from a remote connection. From a centralized performance dashboard they can immediately gauge the status of all your devices. They will see a real-time update on power, network, AV, lighting, climate, security and other networked components and know immediately if there are issues that need to be resolved. Just as important, they’ll automatically download any new software/firmware upgrades or patches. As part of your system monitoring we’ll also conduct regular network performance tests since latency is often a cause for performance issues. 

Maintenance & Support

We offer world-class service for all our projects in the form of ongoing maintenance and support to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. All technology experiences some wear and tear so we constantly fine-tune your system to ensure it meets all your performance and functionality standards. We offer service plans tailored to your project which include 24/7 remote system management, tech support, priority response time and yearly on-site tech reviews. We’ll also serve as your technology advisor and let you know when we hear of new technology that may enhance your system performance.

Renovation & Remodeling

Explore smart technology solutions for residential and commercial renovation or remodeling projects. These allow you to update your existing infrastructure without having to start from scratch or tear down any walls. You can easily incorporate wireless shading, lighting and audio video solutions that enhance your everyday activities without requiring a lengthy and intrusive installation processes. Our staff is trained on the particular challenges associated with the design and implementation of retrofit solutions and based on your needs analysis intake, they’ll craft a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing decor and technology.

We’re Just a Click Away

Whatever your vision, we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today for more information and next steps.

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