Make Sure You’re Getting the Smart Home Experience You Deserve  

So, you’re ready for a smart home system. You’ve done your research, estimated a budget, and now you’ve landed on Control4, one of the world’s leading home automation brands. Congratulations! You’re in good company, as over 400,000 households worldwide choose Control4 for their smart systems.  

To install Control4, you’ll need to partner with a certified professional who will wire and program your systemBut before you call up any local businessyou need to ensure you’re hiring the best Control4 dealer. Your integrator’s experience and knowledge will make or break a Control4 installationYou need someone who’s responsive, pays attention to your needs, and most of all – knows what they’re doing.  

When you contact a Control4 dealer, be sure to ask the three questions below to achieve the best smart system possible.  

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Read on for three essential questions to ask before getting started!  

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Ask: Are You CEDIA Accredited?    

There are a handful of Control4 dealers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. How do you know you’re hiring the best one? First, ask if their business is CEDIA accredited.  

CEDIA, which stands for the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, is a global trade association for companies that create and install smart home technology. To become a member, smart home integrators must be referred by a supplier company or another CEDIA member. They must be licensed in their state and carry a general liability of at least $1,000,000. CEDIA members are trusted to provide excellent service throughout all Control4 installations 

What Custom Scenes Can You Program for My Home?  

Control4 unlocks endless smart home possibilities. Ask your local Control4 dealer what your options are to sync technology into custom scenesFor example, do you want a “Good Morning” setting that automatically adjusts your shades, lights, and thermostat, and turns on your whole-home audio?  

Your integrator is there to program a system personalized to your needs and desires. Discuss what you imagine in your smart home, and they’ll provide ideas for scenes you can relive over and over with one press of a button. Your Control4 dealer should be a resource for inspiration and features you hadn’t considered before. Make sure they have your end experience in mind!  

Can You Integrate My Existing Technology?  

Perhaps you already own a home theater or a high-end audio setup. Maybe you already installed a security system a few years ago. Before you start your smart home project, ask your Control4 dealer if they have experience integrating other consumer electronics and brands into a C4 system. They should be familiar with assimilating different devices and systems, ranging from garage doors to pool controls. That way, you can enjoy a complete, seamless system that unifies your entire property.  

If you’re looking for a certified Control4 dealer in Dallas, Texadia Systems checks off all the boxes. We take the time to get to know you and your home to design an automation system that’s exactly what you need. Contact us here to discuss your Control4 smart home project. We look forward to speaking with you!