Adapt Your Meeting Areas to Facilitate Spontaneous Idea Sharing

Keeping Fort Worth-area businesses up to date is one of our specialties at Texadia Systems. Teleconferencing, motorized shading, and smart lighting are just a few of the solutions we can incorporate into your building, so employees feel connected and continue coming up with excellent answers for your business needs.

Too many meetings are always a drag, and they are always made worse when the technology doesn’t work as it should. Tangled cables, scattered dongles, a slow network, and outdated device connections are all headaches of office space with obsolete conferencing technology.

We know meetings are necessary to further your business goals, so let us help you upgrade your office’s technology. Texadia Systems is a trusted North Texas Crestron dealer, and we trust the brand’s innovative commercial automation software. Keep reading below to learn three types of meetings that would improve with Crestron. 

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Huddle Rooms

Smaller collaboration spaces are vital in the modern workplace. Stepping away from the hubbub of the open office plan allows employees to engage in a more casual problem-solving environment than a boardroom allows. Huddle spaces with whiteboards, 4K high-definition displays, and wireless connectivity ensure the best ideas are recorded, and progress is made in your business.

There’s no need to worry about formatting issues that can happen to your presentation slides like with other conferencing solutions because Crestron’s AirMedia canvas dynamically adjusts content and adapts files, so presentations and spreadsheets always look great.


The boardroom is where wireless presentation capabilities shine! Larger than huddle rooms, conference rooms seat many employees with a wide variety of devices and presentation needs. A one-shot solution for video conferencing, wireless collaboration and sharing content, Crestron Flex ensures there’s no need to worry about device compatibility or juggling cables before a big presentation to a visiting manager. The technology works seamlessly for everyone in the company, from interns to the C-suite.

Impromptu Meetups

Walking through the hallway and catching someone on the way to a meeting to discuss a quick business item happens all the time. Instead of pushing off the discussion to a time when a conference room is available, pull up the item in question with just a few taps on a mobile device. With Crestron AirMedia, no chairs or cords are required to start presenting wirelessly on a wall-mounted display. When not in use, office displays can be utilized for wayfinding or informative digital signage that’s branded with your company logo.

If you’re ready to institute a new meeting style, contact Texadia Systems using our online form for a no-obligation consultation for your business. We look forward to hearing from you.