Smart Home Control

    Fast Connections and User-Friendly Controls

    Smart home control simplifies your lifestyle. From one-touch commands over multiple systems, to user-friendly voice control options, integrated technology makes it easy to remain comfortable, save energy, and enhance the safety of your spaces.

    At Texadia Systems, we specialize in integrating control options that give you the command you want in your home. Audio, video, lighting, shading, thermostat, and security features are at your fingertips when you upgrade your home technology with a smart home control system.


    • Home Control
    • Home Automation
    • Programming
    • Integration

    Integrated Controls

    When you integrate controls, using your technology becomes easier. Multiple systems are grouped under a single button or voice command, so you can adjust various devices at once. Plus, you can group functions to react to timers and sensors, so you rarely need to think about them. Additionally, you can label commands with customized names, so you never forget how they work.

    Prepare for an entertaining evening when you tap a button labeled “movie night.” The 4K flat-panel turns on, the sound system adjusts to the appropriate volume, the lights dim, and the shades lower. Controls are endlessly customizable, so you can get the most out of the system no matter how you use it.


    • Smart Home Control
    • Grouped Commands
    • Occupancy Sensors
    • Timers


    Usage Statistics

    A primary benefit of smart home control is the way it helps you manage the electronics in your property. Enjoy real-time updates on energy usage and lower your monthly bills. Get immediate push notifications every time your security system engages, an integrated lock is used, and when lights go on while you’re away.


    • Energy Management
    • Real-Time Updates
    • Push Notifications
    • Remote Control


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