Enhance Your Hotel’s Experience with Hidden Technology, Color Tunable Lights & More

How will guests remember your hotel after their stay? Will it make a lasting impression, prompting them to return or recommend it to friends? Or will your hotel become a forgettable run-of-the-mill visit that fades from memory?

If you manage a hotel in the Plano, TX area—where we’re based as well—you have plenty of competition in the Metroplex. But with the latest hotel AV technology, you’ll be ahead of the curve and entertain your visitors in subtly impressive ways. Discover the possibilities in new smart technology below!

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Distributed Audio

Music influences the way we feel, so don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your hotel’s atmosphere with a high-fidelity audio system. With loudspeakers and subwoofers distributed through your lobby, conference rooms, restaurant, and bathrooms, you’ll create a richer, more memorable ambiance for all your guests.

With a multi-zone audio system, you can control the volume level and media source for every zone right from a smartphone, tablet, or control panel. Set the lobby to indie rock or jazz (or whatever genres fit your atmosphere) at a low level and the bathrooms at a louder volume. In the café, choose an upbeat playlist and set the volume to grow louder later in the night. Updating playlists and music content is easy with the comprehensive single interface, so you’ll keep things fresh. You can also integrate speakers into guests’ rooms and let them play their own music, which is a thoughtful feature for all.

Hidden Technology

Hotel guests love modern technology, but too many speakers and screens may sometimes overwhelm the decor. Luckily, an integrator like Texadia Systems can install a multi-room audio and video system with hidden in-wall and in-ceiling devices. In hotel rooms and communal spaces, disguise HD TVs with artwork screens that turn into a framed painting when turned off.

Your hotel’s conference rooms and reception areas should also be equipped for presentations and audio connection without a clutter of wires and devices. An integrator can help you build a space ready for small and large meetings with the latest audio and video technology while maintaining a professional, modern appearance. Projectors will lower from the ceiling for important meetings and just as easily be put away for refreshments and cocktail hours, so your multifunction spaces can serve many needs.

Color Tunable Lights

The way your hotel appears in the morning is not necessarily the same way it should look in the evening. Just like your audio system can transform your space’s atmosphere, smart lighting fixtures can adjust the color and brightness of your bulbs, controlled right from your lighting control app. Smart lighting can fine-tune bedroom fixtures from bright, cool lights in the morning to dimmer, amber hues in the evening. This way, guests will feel more alert in the day and restful at night. Down in the lobby and at the bar, you can set your lights to fun party colors in blue, magenta, green—any color you’d like! Schedule your lights to automatically dim and alter at nighttime, reducing the burden on your hotel staff.

Digital Signage

Whether you’re displaying menu items on interactive tablets or creating a memorable video wall in the conference center, digital signage will make a lasting impression for all visitors. We can integrate your screens to the same system, so it’s easy to update and customize displays. You can make changes to signage remotely too, if you need to change content from a different location like a regional office. Digital signage provides a creative way to further demonstrate your hotel’s unique brand. Between the images, text, and videos you choose to show, you’ll be showcasing what your hotel is all about.

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