Four Seasons Resort Club, Las Colinas

Digital audio distribution and control system upgrade for the new conference center, reception areas, and gathering spaces

The Customer

On 400 acres (160 hectares) in the center of Las Colinas, just 15 minutes from both major airports and equidistant from Dallas and Fort Worth, Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas appear on experts’ lists of the finest golf resorts, spas, and conference facilities year after year. Recently, the resort’s conference center and reception areas underwent a 7 million dollar redesign by Richmond International and when it was time to upgrade to a new digital audio distribution and control system, they contacted Texadia Systems.

The Challenge

To digitally distribute background music streams, speech reinforcement audio, and program audio signals throughout the new conference center, reception areas, and gathering spaces while giving the staff a simple way to remotely control volume, route audio sources, and select music types.

The Solution

Texadia Systems provided and installed a new Dante based audio distribution network throughout the conference center.

This new system includes Atterotech’s unD3IO input plates located in each of the conference rooms, giving the user the ability to plug in a local microphone for speech reinforcement or an auxiliary audio source such as an iPod or tablet device. This audio is sent over the audio network which allows the user to route any audio source to any of the audio zones. This type of flexibility allows the staff to quickly and easily set up audio for an event, no matter what type of room configuration their client requests.

The new Lantana Conference Room is a large divisible conference space equipped with Tannoy’s CMS series ceiling loudspeakers and powered by Lab Gruppen amplifiers. Multiple audio input plates are located throughout the space allowing for flexible room configurations.

Texadia’s design engineers worked directly with the interior designers and lighting contractors to reduce the number of switches, keypads, and control knobs on the wall by integrating the room controls such as volume controls, music source selection,  lighting control, and thermostat controls into a single aesthetically pleasing Vantage Equinox touchscreen, located in each room.

The new system is equipped with 12 individual music streaming devices that can be assigned to each audio zone. Staff members can remotely access the system and make changes to room volume, music type, routing, lighting, and room temperature via an iOS or Android device running Vantage Controls’ mobile application.

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