It’s the Year to Embrace Health, Wellness, and Convenience Through Tech 

Home automation is always evolving, and this year is no exception. In 2021, we expect to see more smart homes reflecting wellness, health, and smart devices in newer rooms like the kitchen.  

Once you own a smart home technology hub—the brains of your system—the possibilities are endless. As you grow accustomed to smarter living, you’re free to expand to new areas and devices, synching all your technology under one umbrella.  

As an AV consultant serving the Keller, TX area, we’ll shed light on new 2021 smart home trends below. And to stay up to date on technology news and ideas, sign up for our free monthly newsletter here 

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Touchless Technology   

We’ve written about hands-free technology taking over offices and commercial spaces. In 2021, we’ll likely semore contactless tech expand to the home, where homeowners can enjoy music, security, lighting, and more without frequently cleaning switches and tablets. Voice control grants the ultimate touchless experience. Combine a voice assistant with your Control4 smart home, and you can tell the house to turn off everything as you walk out the door. recently released its touchless doorbell, which uses video analytics to ring itself when it sees someone standing on your doormat. offers an accompanying mat that reads, “Stand on Mat to Ring Doorbell” so guests will know they don’t need to press anything. The video doorbell can also trigger other smart home devices, like lights. Kohler has also debuted touchless faucets, toilets, and bathtubs for the ultimate convenience and cleanliness.  

Smart Tech in the Kitchen  

The kitchen has long been overlooked in the smart home. Is 2021 the time to add it to your automation ecosystem? From the same interface you use to check security devices, you can check your smart fridge’s interior cameras to see if you need milk or eggs while at the store. Look up recipes right from the fridge’s touchscreen and set the temperature from your phone or tablet.  

Water sensors can be incorporated into your smart system, and waterproof smart TVs can safely play above the steamy stovetop or sink. Tap “Cleaning” on your system app to set the lights to a bright cool-white, then set them back to the perfect mood lighting instantly.  

Wi-Fi 6  

With the rollout of Wi-Fi 6, many folks are making the jump to upgrade their wireless networks. What is Wi-Fi 6? It’s the latest version of wireless networking technology, offering incredibly fast speeds and the capacity to communicate with up to eight devices simultaneously. A Wi-Fi 6 router and access points will create a superhighway for all your home devices, so nothing is slowed down or crashes in the traffic.   

Health and Wellness  

What if self-care could extend to your home, with each room automatically prepped for wellness? The health benefits of home automation are sure to expand in 2021. We’re seeing homeowners automate air purifiers, water purifiers, aromatherapy systemshuman-centric lighting, motorized shades, and whole-home audio for nature sounds. Press “Morning” on your Control4 app and it can create a soothing atmosphere to start the day off right. Tap “Yoga” for a yoga playlist to start over ceiling speakersmotorized shades to lower, and the smart thermostat to adjust

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