How to Make Your Conference Room Hands-Free

Wherever the “new normal” is heading, businesses of all kinds are going contactless. Restaurants have started curbside pickups with online payments and QR code menus. Meanwhile, most offices shifted to work-from-home, with video calls and Slack messages in the place of in-person meetings.

But not all jobs can be done remotely, and many people are aching to get out of their houses. As we return to our offices, we need to think of new ways to use technology effectively and safely.

That’s where touchless AV comes into play. Read on to learn how a touchless meeting room will work in your Dallas, TX office.

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What You’ll Find in a Touchless Meeting Room

Voice Controls

Remotes and touch screen panels can be swapped out for voice commands. A smart system like Crestron merges all of your technology into one interface. From there, you’ll start video conferences, presentations, displays, and adjust the room’s lights, shades, and thermostat through voice control. Alexa, Siri, or will assist any of your business’ needs, giving your team peace of mind.

Occupancy Sensors

Once someone walks into your conference room, occupancy sensors will trigger the system to turn on your display, speakers, and lights automatically. Once you leave the room, the system will “know” that you’re gone, and shut down technology. This can also help your office save electricity in unoccupied rooms, turning on lights only when necessary.

Wireless Connections  

Previously when it was time to show your colleagues information, you’d connect your laptop or tablet to a wire that would transfer your presentation to the large screen. But with multiple people using the conference room all day, that’s a lot of hands touching wires and screens. Luckily, wireless connections make it simple to cast your screen without touching any equipment.

Crestron’s AirMedia wireless system works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome devices. When AirMedia is on, connection instructions will appear on your screen, and from there, you’ll enter a four-digit code. Then you’re ready to share. You’ll only touch your personal device and won’t have to worry about spreading any germs.

While face-to-face business and huddle rooms have become less frequent during these uncertain times, they’re still a vital way to get work done. We’ve found creative ways to keep office technology safe and efficient, so you won’t have to compromise anything.

Ready to adapt your business with new contactless technology? Contact Texadia Systems to discuss how we can help your Dallas-area company thrive.