The Conferencing Solutions Dallas Businesses Use to Stay Ahead  

Office design trends are always changing. In the early 20th century, offices were often smoky and hierarchal, with secluded rooms for managers and everyone else on the main floor. We then saw a boom of cubicles, followed by bright open floor plans and ‘hotdesking.’  

Today, many companies use a combination of office layouts for hybrid spaces. But the latest way to enhance collaboration and productivity is through the technology systems we implement 

Are you looking to improve your business’ conference rooms and workspaces or design an office for a commercial client? As an AV consultant based in Dallas, TX, we’ll share our conferencing solutions below, from unified communication solutions to smart lighting. And to learn more about the newest conferencing technology, you can explore further in our blog here 

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Smart Lighting Control: Improve the Atmosphere  

It’s hard to stay innovative when the room you’re in feels too harshly lit or dim. Our bodies need natural sunlight to regulate our circadian rhythm, which makes us alert during the day and restful at night. But how can we achieve that indoors?  

Smart lighting, sometimes referred to as human-centric lighting, automatically transitions your lights’ color temperature and brightness levels throughout the day. Through a smart controller, your conference room will be a bright, cool white during the day and gradually morph into a golden sunset tone by the afternoon.  

Sensors and schedules set on your smart system can also automate when and how lights are on. Your conference room lights will automatically turn on when your team walks in, and after a period of inactivity, will shut off. UV sensors can prompt motorized shades to lower instantlyso a glare doesn’t hit your screens, and in one touch of a button, you can lower them for a presentation.  

Contactless Sharing & AV: Boost Collaboration  

Hands-free conferencing systems have many advantages. For one thing, those returning to the office amidst the pandemic can feel better about safely social distancing. But even afterward, you can do away with tangles of chords and dongles in the conference room and let your staff sync their devices over contactless content sharing platforms like Solstice by Mersive or Crestron’s AirMedia 

Your team can switch off sharing their documents and presentations on the main display over a wireless drag-and-drop interface. Plus, voice-activated conference systems let you control the projector screen, shades, lights, thermostats, and more without touching anything.    

Unified Communication Solutions: Keep Everyone in the Loop  

Need an easy way to get the entire company—both inperson and remote—on the same phone, messaging, and email system? Unified communication (UC) combines all your communication technologies into a single program across your devices.  

UC can include phone systems, desktop sharing, chat, teleconferencing, file sharing, and email. You won’t have to switch between various applications and platforms, wasting time searching for the right information location. It’s all in one place with UC. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your conference room experience, Texadia Systems is here to help. Contact out team here or message us below to find the right solution for your business.