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Projectors are used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications – from business boardrooms and conference rooms, to churches and restaurants/bars, to private home cinemas and classrooms. However, when presenting before a large audience or in a sprawling space, a simple projector just won’t cut it when it comes to image quality and sharpness. To overcome these and other challenges, a large-scale projection display is the solution.

Texadia Systems works closely with other industry leaders to bring businesses the very best commercial-grade projection solutions for their conference room, meeting room, boardroom and other collaboration spaces.

Large-Scale Projection Displays

From lamp-less laser phosphor projectors to high-contrast rear projection systems, we specialize in the most advanced large-scale projection displays from all the major manufacturers, including:


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Important Factors for Installing Large-Scale Projection Displays

Choosing a large scale projection display that is right for your needs is dependent on the space you are working with as well as the target audience size. Each room’s needs are unique and may require a totally different approach. However, whether you want to project in an auditorium, concert hall, stadium, conference center or media room, the basic formula is still the same.

Here’s a sampling of several key considerations Texadia Systems projector installers always keep in mind when on the hunt for the perfect commercial-grade projection solution for our customers:

    • Brightness. The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens. One lumen is about equal to the amount of light emitted by a candle in an area the size of a square foot. For large-scale projection displays, you should install a projector with at least 3500 lumens to ensure image quality. However, the brightness you’ll need ultimately depends on your audience size and space.


    • Maintenance. Finally, all projectors – even the best commercial-grade projection displays – eventually require servicing. Ensuring your projector is in an accessible place and easy to maintain is important for those times when you need the problem fixed quickly.


    • Placement & Size. Installing a projector at the right height and distance from the screen is critical to ensuring a sharp picture. You also need to determine the size of your projection screen, such as how wide it should be.


    • Lighting. In addition to the projector’s brightness, light from other sources in the room such as windows and ceiling lights must also be considered. Without the perfect balance of light, the quality of the projected image will be negatively affected.


    • Resolution. To ensure the best image quality, you’ll need to select a projector with the right resolution depending on what you’ll be using it for. For instance, WXGA projectors are popular among businesses who use widescreen laptops for presentation, whereas HD projectors are ideal for presentations that are video intensive or have a lot of graphics. Resolution is measured in pixels; the more pixels, the sharper the image.


    • Inputs. Selecting a projector that is not only right for your current needs but also for the future is another important factor. If image quality is valuable to you, then you’ll want to be sure the business projection display you pick has an HDMI input.


    • Portability. Does your projector need to be portable? If so, then a wireless projection display may be preferred. If you often travel to give presentations, then you’ll want a more lightweight, portable projector rather than a bulky display.


    • Mobile. Some modern projectors are equipped with digital integration or even allow you to share presentations straight from a smartphone or mobile device. Incorporating this feature will require additional planning and preparation.



As you can see, there are many factors to keep in mind when shopping around for a commercial-grade projector. Consulting an AV expert who specializes in large-scale projection displays is the best way to guarantee a clear, sharp image.

Let the professional projector installers at Texadia Systems step in and leverage our expertise to find the perfect commercial-grade projection display for you. Based in Dallas, we are the fastest growing integrator in North Texas, and have over 250 years of combined experience within our staff. We’re ready to put our knowledge to work for you by installing a large-scale projection solution that ensures your continued success.