Why Voice Control & Automation Are Taking Over Touch Technology


Could Your Organization Benefit from Hands-Free AV?

Voice control and home automation have become increasingly popular in American households over the past few years. Is it finally time to incorporate it into your Dallas, TX business? 

As Dallas rapidly expands in the tech world, we’ve seen corporations begin to embrace automated technology and voice control. Voice has had a slow start in corporate settings, as it was previously too error-prone to be reliable. But with recent technology improvements like Josh.ai voice recognition and automation systems like Crestron, we’re seeing more businesses go hands-free with technology. 

Not only is touchless AV cleaner and safer for large groups of people to use, but it’s also more convenient and often speedier. Will technology finally help us save time in the new decade? Discover the possibilities of touchless technology below and contact Texadia Systems to learn more

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Controlling Your Whole Home with One Smart System


See How Convenient Life Becomes with Smart Home Control 

Remember the days before smartphones? To travel, we’d consult paper maps or print directions from MapQuest. We made calls on our phones but took pictures with a separate camera. And to listen to music, we’d plug headphones into an iPod or mp3 player. We used a different device for every action, filling an entire bag with what today is consolidated into a single smartphone. 

Today, you can apply the same consolidation to your daily life with a smart home system. Rather than use separate remotes, apps, and wall switches across the house, all of your home’s subsystems can be synced into one easy-to-use controller like Savant. 

Savant is a home automation system that controls lighting, AV, thermostats, security, and more, creating a comfortable and convenient home experience. To see what it would be like to live with Savant in your University Park, TX home, read on to discover the benefits. And to learn more about smart home controlsubscribe to our free monthly newsletter here

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What Can a Lighting Designer Do for My Home?


Discover the Advantages of a Professional Lighting Design 

Beautiful architecture and eye-catching interior décor are important. But that’s only one-half of the equation when designing a home. The other half? Lighting. 

Lighting is often an overlooked component of design, but it can make or break a space. Imagine a cozy, dimly-lit wine bar with interior brick and candlelight—the perfect spot for a date night. Now consider that same spot with ultra-bright fluorescent lights—or recessed lighting that shines on your face like a spotlight. It doesn’t feel as intimate anymore, does it? 

Similarly, your home’s lighting can profoundly impact the atmosphere you create. But most people don’t put too much thought into their lighting. They plug in a few lamps, screw in any-old light bulbs, and hang up whatever drapes they’ve owned for years. 

Whether you’re renovating your Frisco, TX home or are building a new property, this is the time to revamp your lighting with innovative LED lighting. But should you attempt to DIY your lighting design—or hire a lighting designer? 

Many people may be unaware of what a lighting designer does and how partnering with one can create jaw-dropping results. Below, we share the benefits a certified lighting designer can offer your home. And to learn more about home technology improvements, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here

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3 Meeting Pain Points That Zoom Rooms Can Solve


What Are Zoom Rooms? They May Be the Cure to Your Conferencing Woes 

Offices across the country are turning conference rooms and huddle spaces into Zoom Rooms. You’ve likely heard of and possibly used Zoom video conferencing software before, but what is a Zoom Room? 

Zoom Rooms is a software-based video conferencing system that lets users connect any hardware to Zoom meetings. This could include cameras, speakers, monitors, tablets, and touch screens by any brand, making it the most flexible video conferencing solution. 

Meetings and presentations can be a headache of technical difficulties, but Zoom Rooms eases those common pain points. Below, Below, we’ll dive into three ways Zoom Rooms will help your Fort Worth, TX company thrive with both in-person and remote staff.

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