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Are you a cinephile – a person who loves watching movies? Or do you simply enjoy the social aspect of gathering friends and family together to laugh, cry and marvel at your favorite flicks? Private home cinemas provide the perfect environment for appreciating the very best that film production and sound has to offer – from the classics to modern movies and TV shows.

Home theaters expertly designed by Texadia Systems are dedicated spaces for reproducing a first-class movie-watching experience through stunning HD visual quality, crystal clear audio, and smart home integration. Invite some friends over or have movie date night, grab your favorite snack and beverage from the kitchen, and enjoy the ultimate personal cinema experience!

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Our high-end residential AV services ensure all your home cinema system installation needs are met, including:

  • Media room design for new construction or retrofitting
  • Installation of home cinema systems
  • Home movie theater room setup
  • Theater seating for private cinema
  • Seating stage
  • High performance surround sound/distributed audio systems
  • Acoustic wall treatments
  • Automated window covers
  • One-touch lighting controls
  • State-of-the-art media room equipment
  • Training on how to use your new home theater system
  • Smart home systems


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10 Essential Components of a Home Movie Theater Room

Creating a dedicated home cinema room from scratch, or retrofitting an existing room in your home or basement for optimal movie viewing, is a daunting task. Just like a film director must oversee actors, crew and shooting scenes, so also must a professional home cinema installer coordinate with customers and manufactures to deliver the best results. State-of-the-art home movie theaters delivered by Texadia Systems feature the latest in Smart Home audiovisual technology, including:

  • High Definition Display. A flat panel HDTV, or LCD, is mounted front and center in a home movie theater room for quality visual performance. Our professionals determine the optimal height for the HD display based on its distance from the seating area.
  • Projector. For the ultimate movie-watching experience, a mounted projector and fixed or retractable projection screen may be installed. Some home theater rooms have both a projector and an HD display for daily use.
  • A/V Rack. Every private cinema room has a designated location to house all the equipment apart from the display, projector and speakers. A professional audio rack stores the equipment, and is even designed to keep the components cool to prevent overheating.
  • Audio/Video Components. Source components are needed to play movies, shows, music, etc. The highest quality video player available today is Blu-ray, and internet connections are also commonly integrated to access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other media streaming services.
  • Digital Receiver. A/V receivers produce amplified playback through your speakers, delivering high performance audio and easy switching between various audio sources.

  • Speakers. Speakers and subwoofers are crucial for the auditory success of your movie-watching experience. We install surround sound speakers that are both positioned for premium audio performance and seamlessly match the décor of your room.
  • Remote Control. Universal remote or touchscreen controls capable of automated functions are available for when you’re ready to watch a movie or TV show. For instance, press pause and the lights automatically brighten; press play and the lights dim once again to resume viewing.
  • Lighting. Achieve the same effect as the movie theaters by getting professional lighting dimmers installed to create the right mood and the ideal movie viewing environment.
  • Acoustics. Depending on the layout of the room, your home theater setup may benefit from wall or ceiling acoustic treatments to reduce audio reflections and echoes.
  • Seating. Finally, theater seating for your home cinema should be designed to maximize viewing pleasure and comfort. Stage seating can also be installed for second-row viewing.


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Located in Dallas, TX, Texadia Systems delivers a wide range of design, consulting and installation services to bring our clients the best possible residential and commercial audio/video solutions. Our staff has a combined 250 years of experience in the AV industry, and we specialize in custom private cinema system installation for high-end residential projects. Our expert home theater installers are deeply knowledgeable regarding all available residential AV technologies, and can help find you a custom setup based on your individual needs and wants. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive home cinema installation/design services. Unlike some home theater companies we provide the latest smart home technology and ideas, we will show up on time, listen to your priorities, and quickly give you an accurate estimate on cost and completion time.