Empower Your Business Meetings with Cutting-Edge Technology

Once used only by large enterprises, video conferencing today has made its way to businesses of all sizes and industries, from tiny startups to world-wide corporations. In fact, your business probably uses video conferencing in some shape or form to conduct meetings with clients who can’t travel to your Plano, TX office or with employees who work from home.

Video conferencing is essential to the efficiency of any business, eliminating time and space barriers so anyone can communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. So, how do you know if you’re getting the most out of your current video conferencing system? In this blog, we’ll list four telltale signs it’s time for an upgrade. Just keep reading for more.


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  1. Your Employees Are Telecommuting More Often
    The rise of telecommunication has significantly shaped today’s business models, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to getting your work done. More employees are working from home or locations other than a standard office, creating a more dispersed workforce.As employees continue to scatter around the globe, it’s essential to find an effective way to keep everyone in communication with each other so that business operations continue as normal.With an upgraded interactive video conferencing system, you’ll never have to worry about a lull in productivity. Our team at Texadia Systems installs a custom system that works quickly, reliably, and stays connected so your staff always has access to each other no matter how many are working remotely or are in the office.
  2. Your Current System Isn’t Scalable
    No matter what technology you invest in for the good of your business, it should always have the ability to scale as your business grows. If your video conferencing system can only be managed at a local product level, then imagine how difficult it would be to manage that system as you expand your office and add devices to new conference rooms and huddle spaces.With an upgraded web-based conferencing system, you’ll be able to deploy, manage, and monitor every device—from one to thousands—on a single dashboard. Enterprise management on the cloud allows for easy setting changes, audits, expansions, and more in just seconds.
  3. You’re Unsure of Your Current System’s Security
    If your current system runs on the commercial network with all of your other IoT devices, it’s important to understand just how secure your system is in order to prevent damaging digital threats and hacks.When you upgrade your video conferencing system with us, we will ensure that every product that is part of your system supports your standard network protocol. Your system will be able to authenticate any user or device trying to access your network at any time, and all content stored on the network will be encrypted for stronger security.Our team also offers flexible service and support plans if an issue ever arises with your video conferencing system. Despite today’s highly reliable commercial technologies, we know problems can still occur, so we provide customized support that fits your needs.
  4. You’re Not Seeing ROI on Your Current System

When your video conferencing system is simple, scalable, and secure, your business should see a return on investment due to lower costs on business travel and staff training. A reliable system for your meeting room also means less time used for meetings and improved communication among all of your employees and clients.

An upgraded system allows for more than just collaboration, too. Boost productivity by scheduling and booking meeting rooms in advance, and even generate reports from your system’s data that show you how often your local devices are being used, what kinds of calls are being performed, and more.

If your current system is causing strain on your pocketbook and adding zero value to your staff’s productivity, then it’s time for an upgrade.

Our expert video conferencing systems integrators can help improve collaboration in your workplace. Just contact us here or send us a chat below to start talking to a Texadia Systems team member today! We’d love to hear from you.